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Easy Wins: 3 Interesting Ways To Use The Choices Field

This month’s Easy Wins entry is all about the Choices Field, and how using it correctly can help smooth out your data capturing process. Read on to find out how to use the Choices Field in alternative ways, how to filter out options based on initial choices, and how to … Read more

New features for a changed landscape

Pandemic conditions don’t seem to be going anywhere 😷, so we’re working to help you succeed in the “new normal” 💪
Coming soon via our Namaqualand update!

Feature Showcase: Connectors


Joe, a developer at Appenate, has chosen our Connectors as his favorite to share with you 😎
Our pre-built Data Source and Form Connectors enable data to be pushed to and from other systems.
They assist in the facilitation of analytics, reporting or inclusion into workflows being run in other software.

Feature Showcase: Formula Builder

Eugene, a developer at Appenate, has chosen our Formula Builder Tool as his favorite feature to share with you this month 🏆

The Formula Builder tool takes simple data collection forms to another level by unlocking the powerful potential to compute and manipulate user inputs rapidly.

We’ve outlined two examples that can be found within our app catalog to illustrate how it can be used to take your forms to the next level.

Paper vs Mobile – ROI You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Paper vs Mobile – ROI You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Companies that make the switch from paper to mobile find dramatic savings to their bottom lines and the time it takes to complete a task – this has been noted from as early as 2012. Simply put, it’s no longer about whether you can afford to mobilise, the question is why you haven’t already!