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Platform Features

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Easy App Creation

Drag ‘n Drop App Builder
Capture Repeatable Data
GPS & Map Locations
Barcode & QR Code Scanning
Signature and Drawing
NFC Compatibility
Photo, Video and Audio
Attachment Upload
Formula Builder

“Appenate’s Table Field Type has significantly improved our user experience and ease of development on many forms.” 

Contactless Signature Capture

With Appenate’s Contactless Signature Feature You Can Keep Capturing Those Vital Signatures – With No Physical Contact Or Device Exchange.

By using any modern smartphone’s camera, your client simply scans the QR code and navigates to the webpage. They sign on their device and the digital signature is transferred back to the employee’s phone – no touch at all.

Work From Anywhere With Full Offline Capability

Just because your signal cuts out doesn’t mean the work has to stop. Whether you’re in a city blind-spot, out in the mines or on the far-reaching farmlands, Appenate keeps you working.

Continue to fill out forms and capture data without a hitch. Next time you have a connection, all your work will be synced to the server and you can continue on as normal.

Push Notifications

When creating effective mobile apps for business, push notifications are often essential. The platform will automatically push a “New Task” notification to the relevant user’s device.

Receive real-time push notifications of changes to your data and send push notifications at will using our PUSH API.

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data capture tasks

Job Dispatch

Send Free Text Instructions To Read
Send Documents To Open
Send Forms To Complete
Task Templates For Common Tasks
Location and Maps To Track Users
Recurring Tasks
Calendar View
Map View

Choice of Screen Types

Build Complex User Experiences
Versatile Enquiry Screens For Your Data Sources
Drill Down To See A Selected Data Source Row
Everything You Need For Capturing Data
Visualise Data Rows On A Full Screen Map
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Our pre-built Data Source and Form Connectors enable data to be pushed to and from other systems. Use Appenate Sync to automatically synchronise data between the platform and a local MS SQL Server database on your own system.

Our comprehensive REST based API makes it easy for your developers to create mobile apps and plug the Appenate platform into your existing systems.

SQL Server Connectors

Push data from Forms and Tasks to a Microsoft SQL Server database.

PowerBI Connector for Forms

Push Form entry data into a Microsoft PowerBI dataset – build business intelligence reports & visualizations.

Google BigQuery Connector

Plug data from BigQuery tables into data sources and push data to BigQuery via Form & Task Connectors.

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White Label As Your Own

Use Your Custom Branding
Add Your Logo
Select From Various Icon Sets
Customise Your Colour Scheme
Select Your Background & Title Bar Colours
Change Your Font Colour And Size
Publish To Stores

REST Field

Pull data from any API, directly into your apps. Issue a REST request in JSON or XML to an external web service.

Access the result’s values through our existing JSONVAL() and XMLVAL() formula functions.

appenate single sign on connectors

Enterprise Grade App Technology

Offline Capability as Standard
Seamless Sync
Access Control
Platform Management Page
Subscription Or Perpetual Licensing
Cloud Or On Premise Options
Separate Department Environments
Support For Single Sign On

On Device Printing Support

App users can print completed Form entries directly from Android, iOS and Windows devices – even when offline.

The print output can be customisable via HTML templates by using our standard templating syntax to generate dynamic outputs.


Dynamic Watermarking of Images

Apply dynamically generated text as a watermark on to images that are captured, or chosen via a Media file, during a Form entry.

The text stamped is driven by a formula of your creation, with options to customise the colour of the text and the position it appears on the image.

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