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Hit New Peaks With Our Drakensberg Update!

Our team was recently in the stunning Drakensberg mountains of South Africa – a great spot to recharge before we summit the remainder of 2019!

CC by Ian Cochrane.

Our September/October development cycle comprises a relatively small app release, along with ongoing web portal and platform improvements.  These changes will roll out progressively in the coming weeks.

You can try a preview of these changes via our Tap-to reference app, found in Google PlayApple App Store, and coming soon to Windows.  The new app version number (as seen in the bottom right of the app’s Settings screen) ends in 4.99 for Android & iOS and ends in 5.59 for Windows.

As soon as we have firm release dates for customer apps, we’ll update this blog post to let you know 🙂
Read on below to see what’s coming soon to a device near you!


New: Gallery Field for Forms

Gallery FieldWe’re adding a new field type which will allow users to select multiple photos at once from their device gallery, with these images then loaded as “rows” within the Gallery field.  The selected images will then be displayed in the Form page in a familiar gallery style, with thumbnails of the images laid out in rows, 3-4 images per row.
The designer experience will be similar to our existing Table field, with the ability to specify additional fields to join each image chosen.  We’re also going to enable all images to be globally captioned during selection.

Stay tuned for some pictures of the new field in action as we get closer to preview release!


New: User-Level API Access

If you’re working with third-party integrators, it may not be desirable to give them full administrative access to your account via our existing Organisation API keys.  For these cases, our new User Level API keys provide far greater granularity and control over API endpoint access.

Need to provide only read access to your Form entries?  No problem!
Simply enable User Level API Keys in your Organization Setup page, set up a user account with Read-Only access to Data Entries and generate a new API key on their User page.  Any API access with that User key will be restricted to only the permission and access you’ve granted.


Tasking Upgrades

We have some further improvements planned for our Tasking functionality, along with some bits that did not make it into our last cycle.

  • New “Unassigned” user option to handle cases where no user is available to be assigned to (e.g. in First Available recurring Task cases).
    This addresses issues where Tasks potentially do not get created due to a lack of available personnel to assign to.


Icon Upgrades

Our web portal icons are being refreshed with a sharper graphic style, and we’ll also be adding some new icon sets to the App Setup area.
Give your existing apps an instant fresh look by simply flipping to a new icon set!

Miscellaneous Other Improvements

  • File uploading will be improved on Android to show an “uploading” indicator in the device’s notifications
    Android will give our uploads more time to run and the indicator will give the user more visibility over this app activity
  • Optimisations to our “Populate Table from Data Source” feature *should* see the row limit increase to around 250 rows
  • Forgot Password will be enhanced to:
    • Show more informative error messages when reset fails or is not possible
    • Allow the login screen’s link colour to be specified as part of Branding Center app setups
    • Support for resetting password on users that have the same email address in use across multiple organization accounts
    • Honour the “Disable Password Changes” option (found in the App Setup page) at an organization level.
      If password changes are disabled, then the Forgot Password link will not work for users on such accounts.
  • New “Manage Users” access permission – allows you to give non-Administrator users access to the Users area of the web portal
  • Users with Administrator or higher Access Levels have always had implicit access permissions on the web portal.
    We’ve made this more obvious on the Edit User page by disabling the checkboxes for permissions that cannot be revoked from such users.
  • Adding support for Google BigQuery streaming inserts for higher volume Form entry scenarios
  • App log out functionality will be improved for single sign-on scenarios, such that users are able to switch single sign-on accounts when logging back in
  • Adding a Manage button to Docs page to allow archive/delete of multiple Docs at once
  • Add new formula function to allow accessing user’s type (e.g. Premium/Standard) in dynamic scenarios
  • Metadata and User Group columns will be added to the Active Users built-in Data Source, along with a new USERINGROUP() formula function


Bug Fixes and Maintenance

  • Honour Read-Only setting on Images fields that use the Capture From URL feature
  • Fix rotation display issues with “Open URL in App” option on iOS
  • Limit all Media and other file fields to a maximum file size of 10MB per field.
    This is to address storage abuse edge cases and to protect users from exhausting their mobile data plans
  • Fix cycling of annotations on tapping in iOS mapping scenarios
  • Fix inline barcode scanner not reappearing after Visibility formula makes field visible
  • Align Windows app to display Details screen values with the same colouring as Android/iOS
  • Fix Android title text bugs when affected by Choice and Action field changes
  • Fix overlapping text in iOS Form History summary
  • Remember designer view as well as selected field/page in Screen designers between saves