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Feature Showcase: Task & Job Dispatch

Matt, from our dev team, has chosen Job & Task Dispatch as his favourite feature to share with you this month.

Matt played an integral part in the development of our tasking system and has this to say about why he thinks it’s great:

It’s packed full of features and is constantly being improved based on user feedback and their unique job carding and dispatch requirements.” – Matt

We know how long the creation and management of tasks can take. In our company, we’d prefer the team focus on improving our offering rather than spend hours on manual administration. Using a robust app with dynamic dispatch features can cut that time down significantly.

We’ve outlined some features to look out for when evaluating a platform’s job dispatch capabilities:

Task Management

Add, assign & delete tasks on the fly to cut out unnecessary meetings and communication.

Set Date & Time

Establish when it should be completed to prevent forgotten or missed tasks. This works well for bookings or Project Management planning.

Task Templates

Cut out repetitive admin and set up templates for common tasks, allowing for rapid dispatch of tasks to users in the field.

Complex Tasks

Provide an in-depth brief of individual steps and required actions to leave no room for error.

Define Location

Predetermine where a task should take place and receive feedback on where the task was completed.

Recurring Tasks

Instead of recreating the same task every day, week or month, create it once and set it to recurring.

Our Top Tip: Implement automatic push notifications that appear on the relevant user’s device, in real-time, for new & updated tasks. This will reduce time spent communicating over the phone or drafting emails.

Create a better overview by using the most relevant format for the task. The user should either fill out a specified form, view an assigned document or read instructions and check it off. The notifications and reports you receive provide a complete and clear overview of the outcome.

Allow your organization to focus on core, business-building tasks rather than the monotony of repetitive admin. Replace paper, calls and email task management with an app that will allow you to delegate and track activity efficiently. 

There you have it. Hopefully, this will help free up more time for you to focus on your other business endeavours.

If you have any questions about this feature or want to try it out, contact our customer success team or sign up for a free trial.