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App Examples

A Few Examples Of Our Ready To Use Apps

Mobilize Your Business Processes With Data-Driven Apps

Detailed Timesheet

timesheet app app
Gone are the days of analog stamp machines. Try an advanced timesheet system.

Details: Capture multiple time entries against a job, its location and images of a completed job.

Include a signature, view a summary page & generate a PDF.

Service Invoice

service invoice app
Generate invoices at a greater speed than ever before & send to clients with one click.

Details: Populate basic labor rates on a repeatable page to determine the total.

A checklist is also provided for speedy detail capture.

Incident Report

incident report form
Keep track of all data regarding an incident for safety & legal protection.

Details: Capture personal details, as well as the circumstances & injury in one single app.

Upload images to support the report.

Basic Order Form

basic order form app

Prevent lost orders and delays between capturing and executing.

Details: A multi-page form to capture details about the work order such as basic information, materials & labor.

Capture the signature of the user who submits the form & view a summary of the work order.

Inspection Checklist

Inspection checklist app

Avoid any missed steps or forgotten information by using a checklist.

Details: Check off a multi-page form & a checklist of Yes/No questions.

Capture a signature to confirm the identity of the user signing off & add images to back up the inspection results.

Construction Report


Have a detailed oversight by capturing daily construction site activities.

Details: Use repeatable headcount capture of various workforce & safety concerns to receive an accurate summary report.

Generate & email a customizable PDF to the user & others if required.

Security Duty Checklist

security checklist app

Keep track of the steps involved in maintaining safety.

Details: Remain flexible by adding and removing check-in stations & tasks as the job evolves.

Connect NFC tags situated at check-ins & track locations.

PPE Safety Inspection

PPE safety inspection app

Ensure standards of protective equipment are compliant.

Details: A Yes/No checklist of questions with the ability to add comments about the completed job.

The inspector can also be prompted to sign off on the inspection.

Drivers Log Sheet

log sheet app

Reduce delivery times, costs & problems on the road.

Details: A daily log for truck drivers to record actions, issues, mileage & other pertinent information.

Include as many fields about the logistics as required.

Property Inspection

property inspection form

Run a checklist report to ensure a thorough inspection.

Details: A multi-page form geared towards properties that uses a checklist for an efficient inspection.

Capture a signature to confirm the identity of the inspector signing off.

Expenses Form

expenses form app

Capture & keep track of business expense details.

Details: This form includes date, GPS location, pre-populated items & signature capture.

Include a photo of the receipt for your records.

Accident Report

accident report form

Remain compliant with a hassle-free accident report form.

Details: Capture data using a combination of dropdowns, text boxes & yes/no selections.

Include the signatures of witnesses for the legal team.

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