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Feature Showcase: Form Screen

Stefan, a software architect at Appenate, has chosen the Form Screen as his favorite feature to share with you this month 😊

As one of our longest-standing team members, Stefan has contributed a lot towards the architecture of the platform over the years and has this to say about why he thinks our Form Screen is at the top of his list:

It’s at the core of what we do and I believe it provides the most value to our clients. It’s amazing to see how customers solve complex real-world problems in creative ways above and beyond what we imagined possible.”

The Form Screen is the primary way that you can build data capture screens on the platform.

This allows you to rapidly replace paper-based forms with digital versions. It also has the ability to extend existing data capture apps from desktop or web systems to a mobile app.

When you compare form builders, most will offer the same basic essentials, however, it’s important to source one that caters to the deeper data analysis and customization requirements of your business.

We’ve outlined some features to look out for when evaluating a platform’s Form Screen customization:


Splits a form into workflow steps, using tasks to move the entries between users.


Reads and writes values on a near field communication tag.


Captures signatures and finger drawings by the user.


Captures & shows GPS and map locations, plus optional address lookup functionality.


Fires a REST operation in real-time to retrieve data from a webservice.


Selects the matching row from a filtered data source invisible to the user.

Top Tip: Think about your team’s main objectives and your business needs when comparing software platforms. A drag-and-drop or no-code form builder allows the brains behind your process to digitize your system first hand. This cuts out miscommunications or misconceptions when previously having to brief a vision into your IT team or third-party developers. 

Bonus benefit: It saves time and money.  

Watch how you can convert a paper form into an app in under 5 minutes:

There you have it. Hopefully, this will help you to decide which form-builder suits your requirements.  

If you have any questions about this feature or want to try it out, contact our customer success team or sign up for a free trial.