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Sail into 2020 with a few new goodies!

With 2020 well and truly arrived, we’ve got some goodies sure to get your year started swimmingly 🙂

Meet “Whitsundays” – our first 2020 release cycle – named for the famous Australian islands found on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef.
The picture above is also a great example of what Christmas is like for some of us in the Southern Hemisphere 😉


From an app perspective, we’re focused on upgrading our Android and iOS apps to our latest v5 engine currently used in our Windows app.  This is a major piece of work with an uncertain end date but we’re working hard to get it done!  While this project is going, expect to see only minor app updates, primarily bug fix releases.

On the web portal and platform side, we’re catching up on items that did not get into our previous release, along with a few small new features.
Read on below to see what should appear during this release cycle!


New: Egnyte Connectors

Egnyte is an enterprise file sharing and storage service that has been growing in popularity with our customer base.  To make working with Appenate and Egnyte easier, we’re adding a full integration with Egnyte’s storage functionality, allowing you to push and pull files between our platform and theirs.
The connectors provided will allow the same seamless integration as our existing Dropbox, Google Drive and other storage integrations.


New: Recover Deletes From Trash

While the system has always provided multiple warnings prior to any delete function in the web portal, everyone makes mistakes!  To date, deletes in our system have been immediate and permanent (short of requesting costly backup recoveries).
We’re working on a Trash bin feature which will instead give you 14 days to undo your deletions before permanent removal.


Tasking Upgrades

We have some further improvements planned for our Tasking functionality, along with some bits that did not make it into our last cycle.

  • New “Task Auto-Complete” option on Organisation Setup
    We’re adding a new option which allows you to specify whether Tasks should automatically be marked as completed when a user finishes all activities on said Task.
    If you prefer our prior behaviour of requiring the user to specifically confirm Task completion, just leave this option unchecked.
    Once live, Task auto-completion will be our default behaviour for new organisation accounts.
  • New “Expected Duration” and “Expected Complete Time” options on Task Templates.
    This will allow you to specify the length of a Task (as opposed to our current default of 1 hour), as well as a time of day for the Task to be done by.
  • New “All to Complete” assignment option (finally!) for Tasks.
    Yes, we’re still working on this one – it’s been a mission to get right!
  • We’re adding the ability to reference Form entry data fields in Task Template connectors

Miscellaneous Other Improvements

  • New “Send Notices Alerts To” option on Organisation Setup.
    While we still plan to upgrade our Notices functionality into a full-blown, dedicated area of the web portal, we simply have not had the time to do so.
    As such, we’re addressing the primary need of customers by providing email relay of failed Connectors and other such notices to nominated email addresses.
  • When a new version of the app is available, users will be notified in-app with a prompt to get the latest version.
    Many users run old versions of the app for prolonged periods, so we want to augment notices currently provided by the respective app stores.
  • Website as a Service customers that use Freshdesk will gain the ability to single-sign-on platform users into their support portal
  • Adding text search to Data -> Feed and Data -> Map views in the web portal
  • Display of Form row title on Data -> Feed view to provide more contextual information
  • We’ll update this list if our team manages to squeeze anything further in.


Bug Fixes and Maintenance

We have a bunch of fixes planned, but probably won’t get through all of them!
Given this uncertainty, we’re going to update this section later when we have a better idea of progress through the list.