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Tough Times, Tough Platform, Tough Devices

When your work environment gets tough, you need a tough platform and tougher devices.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Working out in the field has probably taken a toll on your smart devices in the past. They’re simply not built for a
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Bradley, showing off our online signature capture, sit on his bike with his flat cap firmly in place.

Feature Showcase: Contactless Signature

We’ve got something special this month – our latest feature, Contactless Signature Capture. Bradley, an Appenate Developer, was heavily involved in our digital signature capture endeavour. So he’ll be showcasing it for us today. As always, here’s a little bit
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Ruan, showcasing our offline capable apps, sits on a beach - to signify a remote working location - with his computer on his lap.

Feature Showcase: Offline Capable Apps

This month, we’ve got Ruan, our App Lead, highlighting our native applications’ Offline Capabilities.  We’re excited to be able to highlight this feature – but first, here’s a little more about Ruan.  He takes full advantage of Appenate’s remote work
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Contactless Online Signature Capture – Go Mobile, Keep Safe

When the global pandemic hit, we dedicated ourselves to finding solutions to the problems that appeared. One of these is the “wet ink” signature – we needed to find a way our users could utilise online signature capture.  Not many
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Man tending to a machine failure using mobile forms

How To Use Mobile Forms To Reduce Machine Failure Cost

Nobody enjoys a machine failure or breakdown – no one, except maybe the affected operator. Most of the time, he gets a bit of a break.  It’s not worth the production loss though, is it?  That’s why we spend so
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Your Post-COVID-19 Business Survival Toolkit – 6 Steps To Success

We’re finally beginning to return to normal. Businesses are coming out of hibernation and we’re getting a more complete idea of the damage done and the way forward. So we created this guide to give you 6 actionable steps to
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Cartoonization of Morne for our whitelabel feature showcase

Feature Showcase: White Label Apps

Morné, our Backend Lead, has chosen to highlight Appenate’s comprehensive white labelling feature this month. Specifically, our ability to publish iOS, Android and Windows native apps with bespoke branding and imagery.  Before we get more into our App As A
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COVID Health Forms For Businesses In Recovery

Health Forms For Businesses Recovering From COVID-19

There aren’t many good health information capture tools out there for businesses. Strange, considering the times we live in.  The majority of the tools you’ll find online are for specialist health care companies – which are clearly not for you.
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Train Crashes, Workplace Cleanliness And Business Liability – It’s All About The Records

Can you be sued if someone gets COVID-19 on your premises? How will you manage changes to your health policies? And how will all of this affect your cleaning efforts? When thinking about these questions, a somewhat random customer story
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Field worker using software to report on the oil pumps in the early morning

Do You Have The Right Fieldwork Software To Fight COVID?

Field workers have always had an office to go to – and even then, managing them was no easy task. Now their office time must be limited as much as possible. So what now? The only option is something similar
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