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Monthly Feature Showcase: Conditionally Autorun A Connector

Conditionally autorun a connector

Whether you want different outputs for different Form results or a failsafe in case your Connector doesn’t fire, you’ll appreciate this month’s feature showcase.  First, here’s a little more about Oliver, an Intermediate Developer at Appenate. He loves building and fixing computers, as well as playing around with new technology. …

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Business Workflow Improvement: 5 Tips To Higher Productivity

An efficient business is a profitable business, which is why consistent workflow improvement is crucial.  Clean workflows help us keep focus when things get rushed. Whether there’s a staff shortage, a surge of clients or a looming financial year-end, busy periods don’t have to be chaos. With optimized processes, the …

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Monthly Feature Showcase: Form Designer & Continuous View

Appenate’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create your own custom digital Forms.  That’s why Asel, a sales associate for the APAC region at Appenate, decided on the Form Designer (and the related Continuous View) as his feature of choice. Before we move on, here’s more about him. He loves …

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Monthly Feature Showcase: Task Templates

Task Templates Feature Showcase Banner

Managing tasks can be a pain – and a digital task management solution doesn’t always cure this. You don’t have to print and travel to get the Task assigned, sure, but you still have to create every new Task from scratch.  Your time is too precious for that.  This is …

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Process Optimization: 5 Tips To Becoming Your Clients’ Superhero

Process optimization hero blog banner

Optimizing your client’s processes and workflows is what drives you. Through strategy, planning and carefully selected solutions, you delight those you help – making their safety, production and administration more effective and easier to manage. If you can relate, this blog post is for you.  We’ve just launched our Consulting …

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Monthly Feature Showcase: Location, Mapping & GPS Features

Ever wished you could glance at a map and see your business activities? When you have multiple sites in various locations – with employees bouncing between them – it can quickly become an admin nightmare. That’s why our Mapping features are so valued – but more on that in a …

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Mobile Form Builders: Everything You Need To Know

Mobile form builder blog banner - a man works on a tablet while a superimposed phone showcases Appenate apps

This post will help you gain a complete understanding of mobile form builders like Appenate – and the useful mobile forms they create. You’ll understand what they are, why they’re useful and how to find and implement your ideal solution.  From calculating your return on investment (ROI) to understanding how …

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Feature Showcase: Deep Linking (App Links)

User error can be downright annoying at best, especially in data collection. It’s better to skip the headaches that arise from information discrepancies.  That’s why Charles, a Sales Associate at Appenate, has nominated Deep Linking as his feature showcase. It helps to create dynamic links to share instantly and even …

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