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Paper vs Mobile – ROI You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Whether you like it or not, the mobile world is growing rapidly around us and the risks of not going paperless within your business can cost you more than you realize.

Companies that make the switch from paper to mobile find dramatic savings to their bottom lines and the time it takes to complete a task – this has been noted from as early as 2012. Simply put, it’s no longer about whether you can afford to mobilise, the question is why you haven’t already!

Let’s start with the obvious reasons to take your business processes mobile.

  • Increase Efficiency & Time Saved
  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Running Costs
  • Provide a Better Overview of Business
  • Lessen Carbon Footprint Significantly
  • Boost ROI

Your ROI Calculator

Before we move on to the rest of the post, here’s the ROI calculator – give it a go 😊

ROI You Say?

If there’s one thing everyone can understand, it’s getting more value for your money.  Apart from the above calculator, we also have a nifty in-app tool that does the same thing – and you can use it on your Appenate mobile right away. 


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What Does This ROI Look Like In Real Life?

Sure we can wax lyrical about the money you’ll save, but how does this actually play out in your day to day operations?

Here’s a few scenarios that led to instant results across some key industries.

Construction: Improve Accountability & Cost Saving

The construction industry is continually evolving, but the one thing that remains the same is that construction projects require a serious amount of coordination of people and resources in the field.

Take a step back and think about the processes you manage within your business – Things like site inspections, safety and compliance reporting, work orders, employee timesheets, checklists, the list goes on doesn’t it? Now imagine combining all of these into one polished and easy to manage mobile app. Priceless!

The improved efficiency, time & cost savings brought about by moving to a simple mobile software solution can drastically change the way your entire construction business runs. Not only will this save you money, but it will also set you up on a path of unparalleled success vs your competitors who are still searching for that pen while standing in the middle of a construction site.

Agriculture: Farm Smarter, Not Harder

There’s no better example of ‘Smart Farming’ than leveraging mobile apps; From better land management decisions to producing better quality produce, farmers, are using apps not only to monitor the health of their crops during crop-cycle but are relying on the data collected to make informed business decisions. Tasks like log keeping, crop tracking, equipment management, and inventory are now easily managed with a simple mobile form from any location, with or without connectivity.

By adopting a smarter, mobile-based approach to running your business, you’ll reap the benefits of reducing costs, maximizing yields and profits, and becoming more efficient than ever before. It’s time to cultivate your business processes and not just your crops.

Governance: Streamline Processes & Accountability

Paper forms are used every day in government fieldwork duties. The result? Project management delays, a backlog in work orders completed, inefficient processes, inadequate accountability, and increased costs. Sounds like a never-ending problem, but one that has a straightforward solution.

The number of communities around the world harnessing mobile technology is growing. You too can be a responsive and proactive government department while simplifying municipal processes and demonstrating to tax-payers that hard-earned dollars are being well spent.

Mining: Health & Safety A Top Priority

Mining is a notoriously dangerous occupation, so the ability to enhance worker and site-safety reporting, and compliance, should be a top priority. Whether you work in the mining industry, quarry industry, oil and natural gas industry or the chemical industry, completing paper forms in the field has undoubtedly seen its days.

Capturing and analyzing data to provide insights that maximize the output of mines is the most basic starting point that has seen success. It’s one of the industries that hold the highest risk of not going mobile. Eliminating the inefficiencies of paper will allow you to collect, collate, and analyze on-site information faster than you can say Jackpot 🙂 

Natural Disasters: Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness

Continued climate change and environmental degradation are causing an increase in disasters worldwide, resulting in the need for greater disaster management protocol with quicker, more effective and efficient responses.

If your main goal is to get the right information in the right hands at the right time, you probably already know that a mobile app is the best tool. With disaster management apps in place, first responders and volunteers have technology on their side, increasing response capabilities and improving effectiveness. Most importantly, information can be gathered when there is limited or no Wi-Fi connectivity. Prepare your team with the ability to capture real-time information effectively and let their skills lie in saving lives.

If you’re still on the fence, let’s recap and look at a few more benefits vs risks

Other Benefits Of Going Mobile

  • Improves Customer Response Rate: When the collected data is being transmitted to a central system in real-time, the turn around time will decrease as the need for transportation and transcription has been eliminated. Customers will hear back a lot sooner than before and experience a sense of unparalleled service.
  • Increases Privacy Security & Data Compliance: The risk of theft or losing hard copies of personal data decreases when the information is both collected and stored digitally. With the increasing number of privacy protection acts being passed globally, organisations are required to increase their standards to meet these. Most mobile solutions publish an outline of how they ensure privacy security. Consider whether it lines up with your governance.
  • Provides Employee Accountability: Providing real-time oversight of work that has been submitted, mobile workspaces increase both productivity and accountability. It also makes project management that much easier.
  • Grows Your Business: Mobile develops the capacity to take on more work by freeing employees of menial tasks.

Risks Of Not Going Mobile

  • Carbon Reduction Penalties: Many countries are in the process of passing new climate change bills that will set a firm standard for companies to adhere to. Those who don’t will face fines or even prosecution. Mobile solutions reduce the use of paper and transportation, which is a large portion of the carbon footprint for a lot of non-machinery based businesses.
  • Client Loss: Paper-based data capturing has two main catalysts for client loss. The first is the satisfaction of speed and efficiency that mobile competitors provide and the second is due to transcription typos. Mobile offers a once off data capture that significantly lessens the risk of client loss.
  • Data Breach Penalties: The cost of losing, misplacing or having a client’s personal data stolen is not only lost trust and an irreparable relationship, but also monetary fines in many countries. There is a high risk with paper-based processes, exchanging many hands to be collected, transported,  processed and filed. Most mobile providers offer infrastructure for information to remain secure, backed up and in line with local legislative storage requirements.

It’s time to take the leap towards running a smarter, more streamlined (mobile) business.

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