White Label Our Technology as Your Own

Powerful functionality wrapped in a simple, easy to use platform

What’s better than sliced bread? For us, it’s making mobile applications that look and feel like they were developed by a brand themselves. As a mobile application platform, Appenate makes it easy to ‘white label’ all applications developed through it, so the brand shines all the way through.

App as a Service

Appenate is Invisible

All applications developed through Appenate can carry your branding, images and colour palettes. When publishing to respective app stores, the native apps bear no reference to Appenate, leaving the company name and brand front and centre.

Continued Support

When signing up, every Appenate customer receives quick online support to assist them with every aspect of the process, from onboarding to resolving customer issues. If you succeed, we succeed. We’ll maintain your mobile applications software and ensure that they’re updated when new versions of Appenate are released. We resolve bugs, cater for new devices and make sure everything works when an operating system evolves or updates.


Website as a Service


‘Own’ the Platform

We give you the cloud-based, mobile app development platform, and you brand it as you see fit. Re-brand our cloud platform with your company unique identity and offer all the features of this intuitive mobility platform to your clients, without any mention of Appenate anywhere.

Customised Web Domain

Styling and customization settings are easily configured in the dedicated customization area. Choose an online domain name that works for your company or client and complete the branding experience, including your mobile data collection software. Rest assured, your domain is secure – Appenate supports SSL certificates as standard.

Benefits to your Business

Customers Trust Your Name

You’ve built your brand by providing reliable and effective solutions that your clients can depend on. That’s why we don’t do reseller agreements. We simply provide you with the mobile application management tools to keep your clients happy.

Customer Loyalty

Once a customer has based their business processes on your enterprise mobile solutions, moving to a competitor can be complicated, time-consuming and costly.


Build Predictable Revenues

Our simple, fixed cost pricing lets you mark up recurring fees in a variety of ways. We manage product and infrastructure, while providing you with responsive, direct support.

Win New Business

The ability to provide mobile solutions is a key differentiator in todays IT services market. Stand out from the crowd, with enterprise-grade mobility abilities added overnight.


We’ve Made the Investment

Leverage our extensive mobile applications software development expertise and experience, and remove your need to invest in costly platform infrastructure or specialised technical skills within your business.

Ongoing Support

Upon joining, every Appenate customer receives support to assist them on everything from on-boarding to resolving customer issues. If you succeed, we succeed.


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