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Feature Showcase: Connectors

Joe, a developer at Appenate, has chosen our Connectors as his favorite to share with you this month 😎

About Joe: Having sailed around the world, Joe has the ability to switch between a wide range of accents and characters and has the team in stitches on our annual retreats.

Very passionate about Connectors, Joe explains why he thinks they’re worth reading about:

“I love the fact that our platform allows our clients to grow out of their original architecture, but they don’t have to give up the work that they have put into their product. They can just augment it in a super simple and user-friendly way, with the help of our Connectors. Automation is the key to efficiency in the future of businesses based on and around tech.

Our pre-built Data Source and Form Connectors enable data to be pushed to and from other systems. They assist in the facilitation of analytics, reporting, or inclusion into workflows being run in other software.

Top Tips:

  • Connect a data source to Google sheets to pull in your client list for an order form. Once the form has been completed, an email Connector will automatically send a branded PDF version to the client via email.
  • Trigger an email send, only when a problem arises, for example, when an issue is found during an inspection.
  • Use an SQL data source Connector to connect to a table in your Azure SQL database to pull in your product list. Then use a PowerBI Connector to send your data to Microsoft PowerBI in order for you to create dashboards & reports.

If you have any questions about this functionality, contact our customer success team or sign up for a free trial.