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Feature Showcase: Client Accounts

Annie, the Customer Success Lead at Appenate, has chosen our Client Accounts feature as her favourite to share with you this month.

About Annie: She is obsessed with cats, gaming accessories and now all things – Thailand since our team retreat.

As one of the most experienced platform specialists, Annie helps customers daily. She explains why she thinks this bespoke feature, found only in our value-added reseller’s accounts, is worth highlighting:

I get a kick out of watching our value added reseller clients increase their customer base and grow their businesses. Adding new Client Accounts that silo data is an invaluable tool that is instrumental in helping them achieve this.” – Annie

The ability to create separate organization profiles under your master account for each of your clients is unique to Appenate.

We’ve outlined some features to illustrate how we’ve structured our platform to help our value-added resellers be successful:

Provide Free Trials

Easily set up a free trial in a matter of minutes to allow a potential client access to evaluate your offering.

Data Integrity & Privacy

Provide each account with its own respective Users, Screens, Data Sources & Tasks that no other Client Account can view.


A support user is automatically created, free of charge, to assist your clients and run tests on their apps.


Create a proof of concept app to help your prospect better visualize how the platform is going to be the ideal solution for them.

Client Removal

Easily retire accounts when you would like to pause a client for a potential future date or delete them completely from your master account.


For accounting efficiency, get automatically billed according to the number of active users in each Client Account.

Top Tip: Save time and money by creating apps once in your Central Master Account Repository and repurposing them over multiple Client Accounts. 

This feature was designed to manage your portfolio of clients in the most time and cost-effective manner.

We don’t get involved in the relationship or the billing of your clients. How you handle this side of your business is left entirely up to you, and we don’t enforce things like user-based targets/penalties.

Hopefully, this has given you insight into why partners on our platform are ahead of the mobile forms reselling game.

If you have questions about this functionality or want to know more about our VAR partner program, contact our customer success team or sign up for a free trial.