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How To Appenate In 6 Steps

how to appenate

We provide a number of screen types which cover a diverse range of functions and outputs in the Examples Catalog. Here, you’ll find a few sample Apps already installed for you to experiment with.

8 Tips For Building Better Mobile Forms

Ensuring mobile forms are completed timeously and effectively can often be a challenge for team leaders.
A good way to help achieve this is through form optimization. We have compiled 8 simple ways to enhance your forms for better results.

Shopping For A Mobile Forms Platform? What You Need To Know.

Our top tip would be to start by making a list of the functionalities your organization needs from a mobile form or drag & drop app provider.
While you’re browsing around, make notes of the features on offer that would work best for you.
Here are some attributes we think are important…

Paper vs Mobile – ROI You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Paper vs Mobile – ROI You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Companies that make the switch from paper to mobile find dramatic savings to their bottom lines and the time it takes to complete a task – this has been noted from as early as 2012. Simply put, it’s no longer about whether you can afford to mobilise, the question is why you haven’t already!