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Feature Showcase: Process Step

It can be a pain to have several different mobile Forms for the same job. That’s why this month’s feature is absolute gold.

Our Process Step allows you to complete different job stages, with inputs from different people, all on the same Form. This helps you to achieve a streamlined and simple workflow.

But before we get into it, here’s a little more about Gerrie, a Junior Developer at Appenate.

  • He loves cars – with the Classic Mini being one of his favourites. 
  • He’s a hands-on guy and is currently restoring a 1969 Austin Mini himself. 
  • He loves time on the beach with his family, of which his dogs are an integral part. 

Time to see what’s so special about the Process Step… 

One Job, One Mobile Form

To have one Form for the safety team, one for the inspection team, and one for the field technicians can cause a bit of an admin nightmare. 

That’s where the Process Step comes in. Using this feature, you can specify different steps within a single Form. So, once your safety team has completed their inspection, they can send the same Form on to the next team in the process.

“It’s great to collaborate with coworkers on the same form by using Process Steps, eliminating confusion. As soon as your job is done, the next in line gets their Task and is able to keep working. In the end the data is uploaded with everyone’s contribution already added.” – Gerrie

How Does It Work?

This premium feature is found under the “Advanced” tab within the Appenate platform:

A view of the process step inside the Appenate platform

Once a step has been completed, the next step in the workflow – and the person responsible – must be allocated. Before hitting the upload button, the employee hits a “next step” button. When uploaded, the Form or Task goes to the next user in the process. They get a push notification so they know their work can continue. 

Once the last person in the process hits the upload button, the fully completed mobile Form makes admin simpler. Instead of 2-5 different Forms, you only need to review and store one.

Where Can We Use This?

The Process Step can pretty much be used in any scenario. One example’s already been given – another idea might be to use it to speed up your quoting process. 

Let’s imagine your technician is out in the field, doing an inspection. He finds a problem with a machine and needs to repair it. Instead of uploading the inspection, he fills out a ‘quote’ section. He then sends the quote to the manager for approval using the Process Step. 

The manager approves the quote and sends it back to the technician, who can then get the client’s signature on the app, and the work can begin!

How Have You Used The Process Step? 

We’d love to hear about how you use the Process Step feature in your workflow. Feel free to drop us a comment below. 

If you have questions about implementing this great feature, send Customer Success an email – they’d be happy to help out.

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