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Feature Showcase: Deep Linking (App Links)

User error can be downright annoying at best, especially in data collection. It’s better to skip the headaches that arise from information discrepancies. 

That’s why Charles, a Sales Associate at Appenate, has nominated Deep Linking as his feature showcase. It helps to create dynamic links to share instantly and even pre-populate certain Form fields.

As always, before we get into that, here’s a little bit about Charlie. 

  • He’s a self-proclaimed, world-class hip-hop karaoke expert, with over 100 titles in his repertoire (and he’s actually pretty good too).
  • He likes to do what he can to better the lives of the community he lives in. 
  • He enjoys the culinary arts – especially a South African braai. 

Without further ado, why is Deep Linking such a cool feature?

Deep Linking allows for the sharing of dynamic form links which help reduce errors. Where an employee might accidentally enter the wrong client ID, project ID, or cost-centre, Deep Linking URLs allows for pre-population of these fields.” – Charles

What Is A ‘Deep Link?’ (or App Link)

A Deep Link is a custom URL – similar to a web link – that allows you to launch Apps directly into specific screens. 

Your App Link will look something like this: app://somescreen?myfield=somevalue

This link, once created, can be sent on any medium (text message, email, WhatsApp – it can even be linked to a button on another platform).

You can find this feature under “Apps > App Setup > Launch Options > Adding a Launch Rule.” Here’s a preview of what the screen looks like:

What Value Does Deep Linking Hold For You?

The biggest value from using Deep Linking is that you’ll be able to share tasks quickly and easily on the medium of your choosing.

Optionally, you can also pre-populate fields by passing parameters in the Appenate back-end. This can reduce user error by ensuring the correct client ID, job ID or cost centre is automatically added to the form.

This all serves to make your workflow as smooth as possible all the way through.

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, your Deep Link (or App Link) can be sent to your field workers. 

This means your field staff don’t have to click around on the app to find anything. They follow the link and land on the correct screen to complete the job at hand – whether it’s an inspection, repair work or even a safety checkup. If you choose to pre-populate fields, this could also ease the burden of looking up cost centres, client ID’s, job ID’s, etc.

It really makes it as simple as clicking the link and getting on with whatever task they need to be doing.

Want To Learn More? 

That’s basically it for Deep Linking. It’s simple enough and precious in the right circumstances. 

If you’d like to learn more, see our knowledgebase article on the subject or contact customer success here

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