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4 Essentials For A Value Added Reseller Partnership

Gone are the days of being locked into a less than ideal value-added reseller partnership in the mobile forms market, where the provider interferes within your customer relationships and you risk not profiting from all your hard work.

We’ve put together 4 essentials to look out for when choosing a mobile forms provider that, in our experience, ensure a long-lasting and mutually-beneficial partnership.

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3 Buyer Personas

3 Buyer Personas To Win More Sales In The Mobile Forms Market

Each person will react differently to a sales pitch.
However, based on their personality and specific work requirements, we can narrow them down to 3 main categories so that you can tailor your sales tactics to get them over the line more effectively.

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how to appenate

How To Appenate In 6 Steps

We provide a number of screen types which cover a diverse range of functions and outputs in the Examples Catalog. Here, you’ll find a few sample Apps already installed for you to experiment with.

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Monthly Feature Showcase:

Stefan, a software architect at Appenate, has chosen the Form Screen as his favorite feature to share with you this month 🙌

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10 Benefits Of Using Mobile Technology In Health & Safety Compliance

A lack of compliance with health and safety regulations can shut the doors of a business.
This is not an area in which compliance officers or, organizations as a whole, can risk neglecting.

We have identified one aspect that’s a game-changer for both parties:

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appenate security apps

How Mobile Apps Are Evolving Security

Combining mobile devices and security apps can cut downtime and costs, allowing you to more efficiently manage your security operations.

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Monthly Feature Showcase:

Matt, from our dev team, has chosen Job & Task Dispatch as his favourite feature to share with you this month…

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How To Digitize Your Business Process In 5 Easy Steps

How To Digitize Your Business Process In 5 Easy Steps. 1. Research and find a no-code mobile app platform that compliments your business process…

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8 Tips For Building Better Mobile Forms

Ensuring mobile forms are completed timeously and effectively can often be a challenge for team leaders.
A good way to help achieve this is through form optimization. We have compiled 8 simple ways to enhance your forms for better results.

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shopping for mobile forms

Shopping For A Mobile Forms Platform? What You Need To Know.

Our top tip would be to start by making a list of the functionalities your organization needs from a mobile form or drag & drop app provider.
While you’re browsing around, make notes of the features on offer that would work best for you.
Here are some attributes we think are important…

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