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Feature Showcase: Listing Screen

Accessing data in the field and on the go can be helpful – especially for busy teams who can’t afford to waste time. That’s why Meegan, a Sales Associate at Appenate, decided to highlight the Listing Screen as her favourite feature.

As always, here’s a little more about Meegan before we get stuck in.

  • She loves animals enough to want her own animal farm – as long as it’s free of snakes and spiders.
  • Most of her spare time goes towards her family and dogs, the loves of her life.
  • She loves the crime and investigation channels and considers herself a bit of a sleuth 🙂

Moving on, let’s take a look at Listing Screens and why they’re great.

“The uses of this feature are endless, allowing the ability to view everything from stock on hand to customer lists (and more) on a mobile device.” – Meegan

Take Your Data Anywhere

It’s not always easy to get data from the office when you’re out in the field. If you’re chasing down a lead and need an address, contact number, part number or other info, you want it now. And, Murphy’s Law, the office staff will be stuck in a meeting. 

Now you have to wait – a painful experience. 

That’s why we have the Listing Screen. So you can take your data with you wherever you go.

How Does It Work?

Screenshot of listing screen feature

Creating a listing screen (pictured above) helps connect Data Sources to your app. That way, field workers can access and view any information held within a Data Source – whenever, wherever. 

They can look up part numbers, locations, contact info and whatever information they might need while working in the field. And with user interactions, they can even update info directly to your data sources or jump straight into Forms or Tasks – but that’s a story for another Feature Showcase 🙂

Simply head to Apps > Screens > List Of Data to get started.

Listing Screen In Action

Listing Screen In Action

Here’s an example of a Listing Screen in action, showcasing the search function. The search term “Makita” has filtered down the list to this single manufacturer, so our field technicians can find what they’re looking for more easily.

You can also group data by relevant information by way of user-defined filters (check the “Allow Filtering By Column” box). For example, if you had “tool types” defined in your Data Source, you could filter out by “chainsaw” – so if you’re looking for a specific tool type, you can find it fast.

The best part is that Listing Screens are available with or without an internet connection. So whether you’re in the depths of a mine or on top of a mountain, you can access the data you need to get the job done.

Create A Listing Screen Now

Like the sound of everywhere-accessible data? Create your own valuable Listing Screen now and give your workers wings!

If you need any help, get in touch with our customer success team – they’ll be happy to help you out.

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