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Previewing Our “Not-June” Update

The preview of our “not-June” update is commencing today for all direct customers to try.
Why the name “not-June”?
Well, a few things with our June update didn’t work out as planned during testing, so we took a little longer 🙂

We expect this preview period to run for 1-2 weeks, after which the changes will roll out to all customer branded apps.

These changes will appear progressively over the next week, and will only be functional on our Tap-to (preview channel) app, found in Google PlayApple App Store, and for Windows.
The Tap-to update for Android should be released within the next 24 hours, with iOS following in around 3 days (pending Apple review).  As usual, the Windows preview is expected to become available in about a week’s time.
The new app version number (as seen in the bottom right of the app’s Settings screen) ends in 4.90 for Android & iOS, and ends in 5.50 for Windows, so keep an eye out for app updates!


What’s In, What’s Out

For this app preview, all the advertised improvements from our previous June update announcement will be available, with the only exception being the ability to populate Table fields to Data Source rows.

As indicated previously, this is a complex feature and we simply have not gotten it to a sufficient level of quality as yet.  We’re working hard to get this done, but it will now slip to either the next planned release slot in September or we will put out a small app update in August to release this specifically.
We understand that some will be disappointed by this delay, but we don’t want to release this half-baked!
Keep an eye out for news in the coming weeks as we get the feature’s quality nailed down.


Your Feedback Is Important

Please try out the new preview on the Tap-to app as it becomes available and let us know if you hit any issues!
We’re also keen to hear if anything can be improved with these enhancements.
Get in touch with our support team if you have anything to share.