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New Enterprise Identity Options & Webinar

As our latest app preview draws to a close, we’ve been busy working on a new feature – support for enterprise identity services such as Okta.

App Updates Coming To All Customers Soon

We’ve had some great feedback during the preview period for our new “Printable” app update – thanks for all your input!
Now that we’ve addressed the bugs and rough edges, we’ll be rolling out this latest app version to all customers over the course of this week and next.
So keep an eye out for shiny new app updates appearing in app stores soon!


Enterprise Identity & Appenate

Okta and other such services provide consolidated identity management, automated user provisioning and single sign on (SSO) capability to businesses of all sizes, allowing a better experience for workers and making it easier for companies to manage accounts across multiple applications and platforms such as Appenate.

We will soon support single sign on and automated user provisioning through Okta (and others in the future), and thus we are making some minor changes to the login screen of our mobile clients and web portal.

Up until now, the email and password fields have been shown together on the Login screen.
This will now be separated into 2 steps:

  • Users will first be asked to enter their email address, then tap on the Next button.
  • The screen/page will then update, either showing the password box and Sign In button, or displaying an Okta sign in page (if the user belongs to a company using SSO).


Similarly, the login page for the web portal will be separated into 2 steps:


The above changes – including Okta SSO and provisioning options – should appear on the platform within the next few days.


Don’t Miss Our “Whats New in Appenate?” Webinar!

Our development team is continuously hard at work creating awesome updates for Appenate, some of which you may have overlooked.

Join us on Tuesday, 5 September at 16:00 UTC+2 or Thursday, 7 September at 08:30 UTC+10 as we explore the biggest features shipped this year.

Paul and Annie will be your guides as you learn more about:

  • On-Device Printing Support
  • Recurring Tasks & Calendar
  • SharePoint Lists via Form Screens
  • Enterprise Toolkit
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