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Android Update #3 Is Out

We’ve released a 3rd update to our Appenate Mobile Client preview on Android which provides additional new features and fixes.
At this point, we’re expecting that all customer branded apps will be updated to support all new features within the next week, with IOS updates going out around the same time.

Here’s what’s new in this release:

New Data Source field type in Forms
For a long while the only way to include a Data Source into your Forms has been via the Choices field type.  Choices are our multi-purpose field for user driven selection of values from a list, usually in the form of a drop down, list of choices or an auto-complete search.
Often more advanced Forms require a single row from a Data Source to be pre-selected via a filter, with the columns from this row then being used to drive additional fields in the Form.  The actual row selection function was not something the user should see, and so this boiled down to having a Choices field with a “always false” Visibility formula – e.g. 1 = 2.
It worked for the most part, but this approach has always been a bit of a hack.  Choices fields were designed to function as visible elements, and often the filtering functionality depended on this visibility.
That’s why we’ve introduced a dedicated Data Source field type – to remove the need for the Choices hack 🙂
It’s designed from the ground up to be hidden always, and it provides a much simpler and cleaner way to include hidden Data Source row selection into your Forms.
We encourage you to check it out and given us feedback – currently its designed for a single row selection, but we think there may be some other interesting uses for it in the future.

Details Screen – New Title Buttons Support
Details screens now support having up to two top right buttons in the title bar, for User Interaction purposes.
This brings the Details screen a little closer in line with the Listing and Mapping screens.
We plan to upgrade the Details screen significantly in the next couple of months.

Bug Fixes

  • Push notifications have been updated again for this preview.  It’s a good thing we’re previewing this, have found a few issues in live use!
  • Fix to long press map location capture on Android
  • Fix to GPS update functions when using the “Remember Logged In” function on Android

Where’s the Mapping screen on Android?
It’s coming!  
Our team has had a number of maintenance issues to resolve over the past few weeks, but we’re back onto Mapping screen work now and we’re expecting it to be complete very soon.  We’ll ship a minor AMC update as soon as Mapping is ready.

Our rolling set of preview releases has resulted in a lot of great feedback and we’re nearing the end of the preview stage.
Thanks everyone for getting involved, and we’re excited to finish up this round of releases with our best app build yet!