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How To Calculate The ROI Of Mobile Forms Software

Mobile Forms ROI Blog Banner

You’ve likely heard of mobile forms software and how it optimises operations in many different industries. Some report cost savings; some report increases in production – our very own customers have cut their admin time by as much as 80%. That said, you may be wondering… how, exactly, would you … Read more

Feature Showcase: Listing Screen

Listing Screen Feature Showcase Banner (Meegan's Avatar)

Accessing data in the field and on the go can be helpful – especially for busy teams who can’t afford to waste time. That’s why Meegan, a Sales Associate at Appenate, decided to highlight the Listing Screen as her favourite feature. As always, here’s a little more about Meegan before … Read more

Feature Showcase: Conditionally Autorun A Connector

Conditionally autorun a connector

Whether you want different outputs for different Form results or a failsafe in case your Connector doesn’t fire, you’ll appreciate this month’s feature showcase.  First, here’s a little more about Oliver, an Intermediate Developer at Appenate. Now let’s get into the feature – Conditionally Autorun Connectors. “Having a backup when … Read more

Business Workflow Improvement: 5 Tips To Higher Productivity

An efficient business is a profitable business, which is why consistent workflow improvement is crucial.  Clean workflows help us keep focus when things get rushed. Whether there’s a staff shortage, a surge of clients or a looming financial year-end, busy periods don’t have to be chaos. With optimized processes, the … Read more

Feature Showcase: Form Designer & Continuous View

Appenate’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create your own custom digital Forms.  That’s why Asel, a sales associate for the APAC region at Appenate, decided on the Form Designer (and the related Continuous View) as his feature of choice. Before we move on, here’s more about him. Let’s explore. … Read more

Feature Showcase: Task Templates

Task Templates Feature Showcase Banner

Managing tasks can be a pain – and a digital task management solution doesn’t always cure this. You don’t have to print and travel to get the Task assigned, sure, but you still have to create every new Task from scratch.  Your time is too precious for that.  This is why we … Read more

Mobile Form Builders: Everything You Need To Know

Mobile form builder blog banner - a man works on a tablet while a superimposed phone showcases Appenate apps

This post will help you gain a complete understanding of mobile form builders like Appenate – and the useful mobile forms they create. You’ll understand what they are, why they’re useful and how to find and implement your ideal solution.  From calculating your return on investment (ROI) to understanding how mobile forms … Read more