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How To Convince Your Clients To Embrace Digital

When you adopt digital solutions as a part of your methodology, your life (and your client’s) becomes easier. Still, some people kick against the idea of digital. They’ve been working in a specific way for years, and their resistance to change is high. Why fix what isn’t broken, right?

It’s easy to prove, theoretically, that migration to digital is the only choice that holds up to logical reasoning. Despite this, the transformation can still be a painful experience and require much hand-holding on your part.

If, however, you pass this initial hump, your clients will sing your praises. Here are some tips on how to persuade your clients to adopt a digital solution in the first place.

Start With The Benefits And Make It A No-Brainer Decision

Convincing clients often involves offering a slew of irresistible benefits. If you have collaborated with clients on the digital front, highlight the statistical proof that the digital approach is effective. Otherwise, there are numerous compelling arguments to persuade your clients to give it a chance.

Here are a few you can use in your next pitch meeting.

Greater Return On Investment (ROI)

Common resistance to digital solutions comes from the perceived expense. Creating apps and integrating a new system seems expensive when compared to paper.

This is not the case. Apps and mobile storage work out much cheaper in the long run. In some cases, they save money immediately. 

Here’s a handy ROI calculator for the switch to mobile forms. Check to see the incredible savings potential of a switch to digital.

Accessible Mobile Apps

Another common concern is that mobile apps are too complicated. Many who work on-site don’t have time to waste on learning a new app or system.

The thing is, most of these workers already have a host of apps on their phones. Games, workout trackers, takeout order apps etc. If they can use any of these apps, they can use something like Appenate just as easily. 

While it’s true that there is a learning curve to creating these applications, your clients have nothing to fear, and neither do you. At Appenate, this learning curve is easily mitigated by lifetime free training and support from an enthusiastic specialist support team. 

Better Data Security

image of a padlock on a laptop signifying the concept of data security

Depending on your digital provider, you’ll be able to offer your clients tighter security by making the switch to digital. Most digital platforms and mobile app providers offer robust data security – a necessity these days. 

Make sure to choose a digital provider who takes data security seriously, and you can add this benefit to your list. Appenate, as an example, offers a secure data storage solution as well as 2-factor-authentication for an added layer of safety.

For those clients that want the extra mile, Appenate even offers on-premise server installs. Perfect for larger enterprises with strict on-site data sovereignty laws.

Easy Integration

You don’t have to transform a company’s processes to adopt digital. It’s an extra layer on top of current systems, not a re-invention. 

Digital solutions merely take what the company has and offers it in a faster, more efficient package. In a world where information is everything, accessing data quickly is essential. And that’s what digital tools offer – data collection, instant storage and easy review.

It’s better than waiting for a paper form to come back from the field or to go digging through endless filing cabinets. 

Be Specific

When selling a digital solution to your clients, you know you’re going to make their life and yours easier. What if they hear the benefits and don’t care? 

Then it’s time to show them industry-specific solutions. 

Show them a working inspection form, a log sheet, an incident report. Whatever their industry, get down to the heart of the problem and drive the solution home. 

Showcase how much faster information will travel. Show them how much more accessible this information will be. It’s like one of our consulting partners say – when the clients can’t see the value, we must go to the site (if possible) and show them. 

Point Out Paper Problems

A man tears paper in half, signifying getting rid of paper processes

If all the positive selling in the world doesn’t help, it may be time to poke holes in the idea of paper. How much time and money are they actually losing right now by remaining stubborn? 

Let’s look at some reasons paper is a drain on their resources. 

Paper Is Perishable

All paper is one good dousing away from being destroyed. 

Let’s pretend the site supervisor needs specific information, and he needs it now. They’re working on a machine that’s stalled and has, by extension, delayed production. Every second is crucial. 

The problem is that the admin building is across the open yard from the machine, and one lucky person gets to run through the pouring rain to get this critical information to the supervisor. By the time he arrives, the ink has run, and the information is destroyed. 

I hope they made a copy. 🤷

Paper Is Expensive

Paper brings with it plenty of unexpected costs. It all starts with printing, then comes transport and storage, copies, data capture, reprints (you’d rather not know what’s been spilled on those critical documents), etc. 

This beginner’s guide to mobile forms covers this topic in greater depth. There’s even a handy spreadsheet that you can fill out and present to your client to show them exactly how much they can save by switching. 

Paper Isn’t Exactly Environmentally Friendly

Paper is pretty destructive. It’s not quite the biggest cause of global deforestation, but it’s important to keep in mind that its production process significantly impacts the earth. 

It’s essential for companies to show the world that they’re doing their part for the environment. Going digital is undoubtedly something many customers would appreciate – so why not use this angle to convince your client?

Your Key Takeaway

Remember this – it’s better to show than tell. 

When no amount of convincing can get your client to consider the switch to digital, show them how easy it would be. If you’re using something like Appenate, create a quick app. Go to the floor and let the employees see what the plan is and how it makes their lives easier. They’ll bite, and so will management. 

If even this doesn’t work, then move on. For every stubborn client that remains set in their ways, many others would gladly accept better business processes and higher efficiency. 

Looking To Adopt A Digital Solution?

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