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The Risks Of Not Having Offline Capabilities

The “Sometimes Connected” model ensures an app can disconnect and reconnect seamlessly, allowing the key functionalities to work while offline.
Don’t run the risk of thinking your users won’t be affected. Read the risks of online only capabilities.

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Who Owns Your Customer, You Or Your Platform Provider?

Best case scenario, you find a platform provider with whom you cultivate a healthy, mutually beneficial partnership. Worst case scenario, you realize too late that they’ve effectively taken ownership of your customers.

But there are ways to avoid this risk, we’ve put together some pitfalls to watch out for when evaluating potential software platforms to partner with.

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Monthly Feature Showcase:
Client Accounts

Annie, the Customer Success Lead at Appenate, has chosen our Client Accounts feature as her favorite to share with you this month ?

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4 Essentials For A Value Added Reseller Partnership

Gone are the days of being locked into a less than ideal value-added reseller partnership in the mobile forms market, where the provider interferes within your customer relationships and you risk not profiting from all your hard work.

We’ve put together 4 essentials to look out for when choosing a mobile forms provider that, in our experience, ensure a long-lasting and mutually-beneficial partnership.

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3 Buyer Personas

3 Buyer Personas To Win More Sales In The Mobile Forms Market

Each person will react differently to a sales pitch.
However, based on their personality and specific work requirements, we can narrow them down to 3 main categories so that you can tailor your sales tactics to get them over the line more effectively.

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how to appenate

How To Appenate In 6 Steps

We provide a number of screen types which cover a diverse range of functions and outputs in the Examples Catalog. Here, you’ll find a few sample Apps already installed for you to experiment with.

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Monthly Feature Showcase:

Stefan, a software architect at Appenate, has chosen the Form Screen as his favorite feature to share with you this month ?

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10 Benefits Of Using Mobile Technology In Health & Safety Compliance

A lack of compliance with health and safety regulations can shut the doors of a business.
This is not an area in which compliance officers or, organizations as a whole, can risk neglecting.

We have identified one aspect that’s a game-changer for both parties:

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appenate security apps

How Mobile Apps Are Evolving Security

Combining mobile devices and security apps can cut downtime and costs, allowing you to more efficiently manage your security operations.

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Monthly Feature Showcase:

Matt, from our dev team, has chosen Job & Task Dispatch as his favourite feature to share with you this month…

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