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Going paperless - turn stacks of dirty paper into a single, clean device

Going Paperless: Why And How To In Our COVID-19 World

Going paperless isn’t a new idea. But in light of COVID-19, it’s a great time to reconsider it.  Because while going paperless can be a daunting challenge, it can go a long way to minimizing physical contact. And that’s definitely
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Formula 1 cars signifying a pole position restart off of Covid-19

Get Your Business Into Pole Position For The Re-start

The following article is specially authored by John Burkett, a successful entrepreneur and chairman at Appenate. Times are tough, but it’s also the best time to give some attention to updating your systems and processes. Nobody in business will need
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So many roads to take... but which one leads to ultimate business recovery from COVID-19?

Overcome COVID-19: Your Road To Faster Business Recovery

Do you have a business recovery plan in place? We find ourselves in a strange new world. And we’ve got to prepare for the “new normal” on the other side of COVID-19.   While operations are largely stalled, it’s time to
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Preparing to fight COVID-19 with sound checklists and a sound business continuity plan

Building A Stronger Business In The Face Of COVID-19

We find ourselves in trying times. It feels like yesterday there were whispers of a new infectious disease spreading – and now we’re all in the thick of things.  But with adversity always comes opportunity. 💪 We can learn from
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Feature Showcase: Connectors

Joe, a developer at Appenate, has chosen our Connectors as his favorite to share with you 😎
Our pre-built Data Source and Form Connectors enable data to be pushed to and from other systems.
They assist in the facilitation of analytics, reporting or inclusion into workflows being run in other software.

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Feature Showcase: Formula Builder

Eugene, a developer at Appenate, has chosen our Formula Builder Tool as his favorite feature to share with you this month 🏆

The Formula Builder tool takes simple data collection forms to another level by unlocking the powerful potential to compute and manipulate user inputs rapidly.

We’ve outlined two examples that can be found within our app catalog to illustrate how it can be used to take your forms to the next level.

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The Risks Of Not Having Offline Capabilities

The “Sometimes Connected” model ensures an app can disconnect and reconnect seamlessly, allowing the key functionalities to work while offline.
Don’t run the risk of thinking your users won’t be affected. Read the risks of online only capabilities.

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Who Owns Your Customer, You Or Your Platform Provider?

Best case scenario, you find a platform provider with whom you cultivate a healthy, mutually beneficial partnership. Worst case scenario, you realize too late that they’ve effectively taken ownership of your customers.

But there are ways to avoid this risk, we’ve put together some pitfalls to watch out for when evaluating potential software platforms to partner with.

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Monthly Feature Showcase:
Client Accounts

Annie, the Customer Success Lead at Appenate, has chosen our Client Accounts feature as her favorite to share with you this month ?

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4 Essentials For A Value Added Reseller Partnership

Gone are the days of being locked into a less than ideal value-added reseller partnership in the mobile forms market, where the provider interferes within your customer relationships and you risk not profiting from all your hard work.

We’ve put together 4 essentials to look out for when choosing a mobile forms provider that, in our experience, ensure a long-lasting and mutually-beneficial partnership.

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