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Feature Showcase: Quick Sync

As part of our La Boca release, Quick Sync enables you to test apps faster than ever.

Lisa nominated this feature as her absolute favourite. As a Sales Associate at Appenate, she knows all too well that customers don’t like going back and forth to get things done!

Before we start, here’s a little more about Lisa.

  • She’s a vibrant person with a knack (and love) for conversing and connecting with others.
  • Being around her friends (four-legged and human) brings her the most joy.
  • Finding pleasure in the simple things – her ideal day would include her favourite playlist, some sun on her skin, and a pair of comfy jeans.

“I love this new feature! When testing changes made to the form/app, you don’t need to exit the form you’re in – you can hit the Quick Sync and remain in the current form.”

Lisa Mcdonald

The Value Of Quick Sync

Quick Sync is ultimately a time-saver. By crossing out the ‘back-and-forth’ element to testing, changes made to your apps can be readily seen with the click of a button. It isn’t magic, but it definitely feels like it to our customers.

Navigating in and out of test screens is, thankfully, a thing of the past!

How It Works

Before this update, users had to manually save their designs in the web portal and then force Sync it in their app settings. 

Now all screens have a force Sync button preconfigured in the title bar.

Simply hit the Quick Sync icon on a screen you’re testing to pull any changes made swiftly.

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