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Namaqualand App Update – Yep, There’s More!

Our Namaqualand update has been released on the Appenate app (in Google Play, the App Store, and on Windows). So we’ll be rolling out progressively to white label apps over the next week or so. 🎊 The new Appenate App version numbers will be: Android & iOS: Windows: 5.77.1 … Read more

The Conclusion Of Namaqualand And 3 More Easy Wins

We’ve officially completed the Namaqualand update 🥳 There are a ton of new features and bug fixes – which are now previewing on our Tap-to app (in Google Play, the App Store and on Windows). Updates to our Appenate and all branded customer apps will start rolling out this week. … Read more

Easy Wins: 3 Ways to Do More With Data Sources

In our recent Namaqualand webinar, we showcased the new features that were developed to make your life easier. We had great attendance and would like to thank everyone who made time to be there. During the course of the last month, we released two new features you might want to … Read more