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Namaqualand App Update – Yep, There’s More!

Our Namaqualand update has been released on the Appenate app (in Google Play, the App Store, and on Windows). So we’ll be rolling out progressively to white label apps over the next week or so. 🎊

The new Appenate App version numbers will be:

  • Android & iOS:
  • Windows: 5.77.1

While we’ve been releasing our web updates throughout the past few months, we still have a few new features to announce on the app and web portal side. There are also some bug fixes to take note of towards the end of this post. 🐞



New Features & Changes To The App

The Features that will now be available on the App include:

1. Auto-Complete A Task On Form Upload If All Other Activities Are Complete

There was an issue with Tasks being left open incorrectly. This happened when a user closed the app immediately after completing the last activity on a Task, and not marking the Task complete. 

The “Auto-Complete Task” feature will ensure that the Task marks itself as complete if all other activities have been completed.

2. Scan NFC Without Button Press

This feature allows users to scan NFC tags the same way we allow Inline Barcode Scanning, i.e. without a button press on each scan.

3. Enable Task Details Screen To Be Launched From Interactions

We added the Task Details screen as a built-in screen option. So, for example, when you use the “Open Screen” interaction in a Form, you now have the option to select the “Task Details” screen to launch. This screen was previously not selectable.

The parameter for this interaction will be the Task ID.

4. Allow For Use Of Dynamic URLs On Icon Board

This will allow for the “Open URL in App” interaction to populate the URL dynamically. For example, you may want to pass the users email address as part of the query string, as follows: 
https://www.yourdomain.com/yourproject?email={( USEREMAIL() )}

5. Dynamic Form Titles

Enables you to pass the Form title in via a parameter. For example, if you have an icon with the value “Timesheet” as a parameter, clicking the icon will pass the value “Timesheet” – which can then be used in the Form title.

6. Remember The Last Directory On Windows File Picker

The app will now always remember your last used directory, even between app restarts.

7. Enhance Listing & Mapping Text Search To Support Multiple Words

Listing Screen and Mapping Screens text search is now more intuitive. Use a space between words to search. This will search for a combination of the keywords.

8. Enable Data Source Sort Order On Mapping Screens

Sort orders applied to Data Sources on the platform will now work on Mapping Screens as well.

9. Table & Gallery Fields: Validate Minimum Repeat Count

Table & Gallery Fields will now validate the minimum number of repeats.

10. Windows: Make App FIPS Compliant

The Windows client is now FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) compliant.


New Features & Changes On The Web Portal

SSO Improvements

Ability To Bypass SSO Where The User Signing In Is An Administrator

If SSO is enabled for a provider, then all users on that provider must sign in with SSO. Sometimes this results in a user locking themselves out of the platform.

We can now check if the user attempting to sign in with SSO is also a Vendor admin or Enterprise admin. If so, even if SSO fails, we then provide them with a message to let them know that they can still sign in manually.

Custom Naming of Form Files

Strip Form Entry GUID From File Name In All File Exports

Previously all entry exports contained the entry GUID in the generated file names. This simply strips the GUID out.

Use A Formula To Change The File Name Of Form Files

Improvements & Features:

1. Support Custom Filename On Bulk Data Export Dialog

2. Add Name Option To TaskActivity

Task Activities can now be optionally named.

3. Add Paging To Connectors Page

We’ve now added paging to the Connectors page to make it easier to find which Connector you’re looking for.

4. Allow Editing Of Media Images Via View/Edit Entry Page

Media Images can now be changed on the View Entry Page. Users can select a new image to upload when clicking on the edit link next to the media image.

5. Add Option To Org Setup To Prevent Anonymous Access To Media Links

For ease of use, images and other files captured in Forms through Media, Attachment and other fields are accessible anonymously via the unique link to the file. The file link can also be generated via our FILEURL() formula function. This option disables all anonymous access to such files, instead requiring a valid user login in order to view these files.

6. HTML Fields: Add Validation And “Reset to Default” Button Where Applicable
We’ve added validation to fields wherever clients can customize HTML for forms, message text, email bodies, etc.

7. Add Translations For Contactless Signature Page

The Contactless Signature feature did not cater for multi-language and Vendor customization of text. We’ve now implemented this.

8. Add A “History” Option To Rows In The Connector Logs Dialog

You can now view the history on Connector Logs by clicking on the ‘Show History’ link.

App Bug fixes

  • Repeat functions (SUM, COUNT, etc) not triggering when deleting last repeat
  • App crash when navigating from Listing Screen to Mapping Screen
  • Windows: Task activities can be completed multiple times
  • Details screen right text styling issues 
  • App crash when using tray buttons with no interaction
  • Windows: Filters do not get saved
  • Windows: Allow “Choose Audio” on Windows app for a media field
  • Data Source driven tables – issue when using quotes in filter formulas
  • Windows: Listing Screen crashes when using incorrect dates on filter screen

Web Portal Minor Features & Bug Fixes

  • Checkbox to opt-in to adding the form GUID as a prefix to file exports
  • {{DEVICENAME}} placeholder for External Authentication URL
  • Add AccessLevel column to the billable user export doc
  • Option for headers to adjust after initial creation in Google Sheet Form Connectors
  • Enterprise Toolkit: Set user limits at master level only and apply this across all environments
  • SQL Server Connector: Support case-sensitive collations
  • SQL Server Connector: Send date only values using ISO8601 format
  • Send Notifications To: Ensure dates are sent using correct regional format
  • Clickable location images in template export
  • Excel Templates: Links within REPEATSTART and REPEATEND sections work on export
  • Form Designer: Add tabs to themes 
  • Vendor Message Text: Restore function to take into account Vendor defaults
  • Task File Imports: Allow ‘Complete By’ to be specified as a date only value 
  • Google Connectors: Add ability to anonymize personal data
  • Form REST Connector: Fix bug where Custom Header Value was not being saved 
  • Customize App default icons: Ensure default icons are carried through from the master account into newly created client accounts 
  • Task Fill Out Form Activity: Ensure archived screens still show in drop down 
  • Correct User Type of auto-generated support users on new client accounts

That’s All For The Namaqualand Update – All Eyes Now On Barossa 👀

Over the next few weeks, all the above changes should be implemented and finalized. That’s when the focus shifts in full to the Barossa update.

We’ll also be continuing our “Easy Wins” series, where we’ll cover more underutilized features. So keep an eye out for those, as the aim is to help you get the most out of Appenate.

For any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer success.