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Excellent platform!

Chief Digital Systems Architect (Vendor C)

Excellent platform!

Chief Digital Systems Architect (Vendor C)

White Label Success: A Software Reseller’s Journey with Appenate

Today, we spotlight a South African Software Reseller who has white-labeled Appenate to deliver tailor-made mobile solutions to their clients. This case study, distilled from a brief questionnaire, highlights the strengths of our partnership, driven by a shared pursuit of operational efficiency.

To protect their identity, we’ll refer to this partner as Vendor C.

Business Goal

To enhance their service offering with custom mobile solutions that benefit their clients.


Appenate’s Reseller Partner Program: Flexible & reliable (+ generous partner rates!)


Rapid turnaround times, competitive pricing, high client satisfaction, and a stronger market position.

A Simple Quest

Vendor C was trying to find a reliable software provider to simplify digital transformation for their clients.

They needed a robust mobile solution that they could brand as their own to diversify and broaden their offering.

Through their evaluation, Appenate’s offering stood out as superior (their words!) Check our partner page to see why! 😉

And The Deal Was Sealed

Besides general alignment, Vendor C partnered with Appenate on the following grounds:

  1. Excellent Platform and Ethos”: Appenate’s dedication to high-quality services and strong relationships perfectly matched their needs and business philosophy.
  2. White-Label Partner Program: Our program offered unmatched flexibility and customization, allowing Vendor C to present Appenate’s solutions as their own. This was crucial to maintain brand consistency and deliver a seamless client experience.

The Boons Experienced So Far

Since the sealing of our partnership, Vendor C has reaped several rewards.

Let’s glance over them:

  • Faster Turnaround Times and Competitive Pricing: These strengths set Vendor C apart from its competitors. They consistently meet and often exceed client expectations – reinforcing their reputation for excellence.
  • Satisfying Diverse Needs: Despite the varied needs across industries and business models, clients consistently express satisfaction with the functionality and performance of the apps developed using Appenate.

I’m Appenate’s biggest fan.Chief Digital Systems Architect

What They Love Most


Vendor C also highlighted their customer’s favorite features:

Media Capture: The ability to capture and share photos, a simple yet groundbreaking function that significantly speeds up the documentation process.

FTP: They praised our FTP (file transfer protocol) for its ease of integration, automated and secure data transfers, and efficient handling of large volumes.

Email Connector: They love how easily they can integrate their forms with email accounts, a foundational feature that automates the sending of reports.

Our World-Class Support: “Appenate’s support has been consistently excellent,” which has been crucial to the success of our partnership. It ensures issues are quickly resolved and allows Vendor C to maintain its quality-over-quantity approach.

Challenges Faced: Embracing Change

Any transformation comes with its hurdles, and in this case, the biggest challenge is getting everyone on board for a smooth rollout. Some are hesitant and fearful of new tech and processes.

This resistance is a common obstacle in digital transformation, often leading to failure. With consistent training, clear communication, and thoughtful demonstration, we can wriggle these barriers down and out.

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