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“We needed the ability to design highly customized apps for our clients – and Appenate provided that.”

– Founder, “Partner Z”
(White Label Partner)

Customer Case Study: Partner Z

We’ve helped our white label partners create innovative solutions – and in this case, we provided the platform for “Partner Z” to create specialist, white-label apps for use on rugged Zebra vehicle-mounted devices.

Business Goal

They wanted to provide leading app solutions for rugged Zebra devices

The Solution

A highly flexible app platform with comprehensive white-label options


Appenate was able to provide the base they needed to grow their business

What Drove Partner Z To Seek A Solution

This white label partner needed a platform to provide the base for creating and distributing their apps – while at the same time being completely invisible to their customers.

They needed something robust and powerful, but not over-complicated.

The search was on – and they knew it would be a challenge to find such a partner. With these goals in mind, they set out to find the platform to fit their needs.

A Platform To Match Their Needs

When they found Appenate, they knew they were onto something. We ticked all their requirement boxes.

In the end, our excellent support team proved to outclass the competition. Gavin, from our customer success team, delivered outstanding service time and again.

This is largely what sealed the deal and cemented the relationship between Appenate and Partner Z.

Rugged Devices Need A Robust Platform

Our white label partner has a great relationship with Zebra, a big device manufacturer. Their rugged, durable and designed-for-work devices serve thousands of clients around the globe.

Partner Z creates apps specifically for use and resale on Zebra devices – which is why they needed a robust, hardy and offline-capable platform.
This was all the more reason for them to partner with Appenate. We provide the base, Zebra provides the devices, and our Partner Z provides the apps in their own branding.

A match made in business-efficiency heaven.

How Partner Z Made It Work With Appenate

When it comes to warehouse management, things can get messy fast. Keeping a clean and organized warehouse is crucial to a healthy bottom line and minimal frustrations in the workplace. 

Which is why one of Zebra’s clients were interested in their forklift-mounted devices. With these devices, they could have an onboard computer, making locating and organizing warehouse stock a breeze. And that’s where Partner Z came in – they created an application, using Appenate as a base, for these onboard devices. 

The application helps forklift operators easily organize their warehouse, keeping it neat, tidy and – more importantly – highly efficient.

Zebra vehicle-mounted device running an Appenate white label inspection list

Endless Possibilities

There are countless ways to match Appenate and Zebra devices – warehouse management is just one great example. For instance, if you have a busy team – scanning parcels, running errands or attending endless sales visits, Appenate and Zebra can help them function smoothly by providing remote working tools. 

Another idea is when you have a busy office staff that don’t have the time to run around collecting information – a simple form would be all it takes to send out across company devices and get the information without the legwork. 

For more ideas and information, see our Zebra partner page here or our Zebra blog post here.  

Success Comes Standard With The Right Partnership

With the newly announced partnership between Appenate and Zebra, your success in the field is virtually guaranteed when you choose us. 

Worker apps created on our powerful platform combined with Zebra’s tough-as-nails mobile devices makes for a virtually unstoppable workforce – no matter where your teams operate. 

From the bush to the farm to the most hazardous warehouse – you’ll never miss a beat with the right partnership at your back. 

So sign up for your free Appenate trial and deploy our apps on a Zebra device today.

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