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Tough Times, Tough Platform, Tough Devices

When your work environment gets tough, you need a tough platform and tougher devices. 

Wouldn’t you agree? 

Working out in the field has probably taken a toll on your smart devices in the past. They’re simply not built for a hard day’s work, multiple drops, rugged terrain, and working offline in remote areas. 

That’s why we’ve partnered our hardy platform with a manufacturer of hardy devices – Zebra

Who Is Zebra? 

Zebra is a multinational technology company with offices in over 80 different countries. Their range of rugged devices – made especially for hands-on workers – are what drew our interest. 

They have a wide range of devices – for vehicles, handhelds, mounted devices and more. 

To learn more, their website is here

Optimizing Operations

One of our main goals is to help businesses optimize their operations by cutting operational costs and increasing process efficiency. It’s so important to us that this goal basically forms part of our values. 

Which is why the idea of a partnership with Zebra appealed to us – because optimization is one of their main drivers, too. 

Their devices are made for work – to help you scan more parcels, stock more shelves and work in more places than ever before. Backed by the right platform (Appenate, of course), it means you can get so much more productivity out of your workforce. 

Empowering Front Line Heroes & Workers

Picture showcasing our contactless signature feature working on both ordinary and Zebra devices.
When COVID hit, we made it our quest to keep our customer’s businesses ticking over in the harshest of environments. That’s how Contactless Signatures, for one, was born. 

Zebra holds a similar view – empowering heroes on the front line. Whether these heroes are healthcare, maintenance or education workers – it doesn’t matter. Anyone working on the “front lines” during a global pandemic needs the right tools to be a hero. 

Which is another reason we were so keen on a partnership with Zebra – we share these and other values. It’s our hope that, together, we’ll be able to change the world for the better – even if just by a little bit. 

Find Your Performance Edge

When you have a platform like Appenate – capable of processing thousands of daily requests, helping you to work offline, and preventing too much contact in the face of a pandemic – you need the right devices too. 

Which is where Zebra comes in, with work-focused, hard-wearing devices that get the job done. 

With Appenate and Zebra at your back, you’ll find a new, sharper-than-ever performance edge to your business.

One Solution, Many Scenarios

Two Zebra devices side by side
Appenate and Zebra serve a wide range of customers in many industries. From manufacturing to safety to healthcare, there are endless ways to harness our combined technology. 

For examples of what Appenate has done, check out our use cases and case studies. Here’s an example of a warehousing solution that’s in use as we speak. 

For more ideas, see our Zebra page here

Let Us Help You Succeed

If you’re looking to break ground with a new business idea or just want to improve your current processes, let us help. Sign up for a free trial and find that new edge you’re looking for. 

During your trial, you may even qualify for our 90 for 90 offer, which is $90 for 90 days of Appenate – designed especially for businesses who were hit hard by COVID. 

So sign up now and let’s see how we can help your business become more efficient, effective and profitable.