• Iguazú Falls Update: A Refreshing Surge In Your Platform Experience
    We’re excited to share that our Iguazú Falls update has gone live! Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking Iguazú Falls, a natural wonder spanning Argentina and Brazil, this update brings to life a number of eagerly awaited features.  Our aim? To significantly enhance your platform experience. Feature Spotlight 1) App UI … Read more
  • Glass House Mountains: Creating An Even Better User Experience
    Appenate is more than a mobile app platform – it’s a way to save oodles of time in your daily operations. This is why we’re aiming to smooth out your processes and make your workday as sweet as possible. 👊 The Glass House Mountains are a range of 13 peaks … Read more
  • Cango Caves Update: Adding More Functionality ‘Under The Hood’ (Updated)
    We’re thrilled to announce the latest update, Cango Caves, named after the popular tourist destination in South Africa. Most of the changes in this release are under the hood, but we’ve also added some highly requested features. The team is working hard to ensure our customers can create even better … Read more
  • La Boca: Maintenance With A Splash Of Colour
    Welcome to the La Boca release! 🏘️ La Boca is a delightfully colourful suburb in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This spot is a popular tourist destination, featuring (among other things) the Caminito, which is a popular street museum where you’ll often witness tango dancers performing in the street. The La Boca … Read more
  • A Release With Layers – Meet Bungle Bungle
    Ready for even more customisation options in Appenate? 🛠️ A fascinating geological landmark in Western Australia, the Bungle Bungle range features beehive-shaped towers of rock rising above deep green forest. Shaped by the elements over millennia, these orange and black striped domes make for breathtaking scenery.  We don’t have a … Read more
  • Variety Rules Our Blyde River Canyon Release
    We have a fresh new cycle that’s rolling out now. 🌄 The Blyde River Canyon in South Africa is one of the largest ‘green’ canyons on earth. It features rich vegetation, wildlife, and interesting rock formations, making it one of the country’s most breathtaking sights.  Our next Appenate release cycle … Read more
  • Ushuaia Release: A Stack Of New Time-Saving Features
    It’s time for another release cycle, and we’ve got a host of new features coming in Ushuaia. ❄️ Update: Ushuaia is rolling out now! Read on to see what to look out for. Established on 12 October 1884, Ushuaia is the southern-most city in Argentina. It’s just across the ocean from … Read more
  • Powering into 2022 – Hornsdale Release
    We’re closing out the year with new features and some high voltage infrastructure upgrades! ⚡ Update: Hornsdale is live now! Read on to see what to look out for. Much like the Tesla “Big Battery” at the Hornsdale Power Reserve, we’ll be building for the future during this festive season.While … Read more
  • Save More Time With Klein Karoo ⏱️
    The Klein Karoo Release Cycle is rolling out! So we’ve updated the below post with more info and images. 😉 This update gets its name from a spectacular valley in South Africa’s Western Cape. Featuring breathtaking views, interesting plant life, and a myriad of adventures to be had, this valley … Read more
  • The El Chaltén Update Is Live – Amplify Your Apps
    The El Chalten update is rolling out. 🥳 There are many new features and bug fixes – which are now live on the Appenate app. The release will roll out to Branded Apps next – as always, we cannot give an exact timeline, but we’ll keep you updated in the … Read more
  • Easy Wins: 3 Interesting Ways To Use The Choices Field
    This month’s Easy Wins entry is all about the Choices Field, and how using it correctly can help smooth out your data capturing process. Read on to find out how to use the Choices Field in alternative ways, how to filter out options based on initial choices, and how to … Read more
  • Amplify Your Apps: El Chaltén Update
    We’re happy to announce our latest planned update: El Chaltén ⛰️ The Argentinian town of El Chaltén is known as Argentina’s national trekking capital due to the myriad of adventures to be had. This charming town features the breathtaking Cerro Chaltén (Mount Fitz Roy) – its most notable feature. Named … Read more
  • The Barossa Update Is Live: Here’s What To Look Out For
    The Barossa update, named after the scenic valley in Australia, is reaching its conclusion. The update’s already live on the Appenate app, and will be rolling out to branded apps over the coming weeks.  We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring these features and fixes to life. Below, … Read more
  • February 2021 Platform Update – Here’s What’s Happening
    We’re optimistic that this year’s going to be a better one for all of us. So we’ve hit the ground running and have already shipped a number of small improvements.  Below is a comprehensive list of these new features and bug fixes for you to scan through. Some are already … Read more
  • Easy Wins: 3 Ways To Use Action Buttons
    Welcome to our final Easy Wins series of the year. We’ve made it short and sweet, to end off a long, long 2020. Since we’re focused on the Barossa update here at Appenate, there are no big tweaks or changes to announce this month. So we’re sticking to three Easy … Read more
  • Namaqualand App Update – Yep, There’s More!
    Our Namaqualand update has been released on the Appenate app (in Google Play, the App Store, and on Windows). So we’ll be rolling out progressively to white label apps over the next week or so. 🎊 The new Appenate App version numbers will be: Android & iOS: Windows: 5.77.1 … Read more
  • The Conclusion Of Namaqualand And 3 More Easy Wins
    We’ve officially completed the Namaqualand update 🥳 There are a ton of new features and bug fixes – which are now previewing on our Tap-to app (in Google Play, the App Store and on Windows). Updates to our Appenate and all branded customer apps will start rolling out this week. … Read more
  • Easy Wins: 3 Ways to Do More With Data Sources
    In our recent Namaqualand webinar, we showcased the new features that were developed to make your life easier. We had great attendance and would like to thank everyone who made time to be there. During the course of the last month, we released two new features you might want to … Read more
  • Namaqualand Progress Update
    With everything going on in the world today it can be hard to focus. Which is why we’re happy to say that we’ve made plenty of progress on our Namaqualand update. 🥳 Making Your Life Easier We’re always working hard to make your Appenate experience easier. This month, we’ve released … Read more
  • New features for a changed landscape
    Pandemic conditions don’t seem to be going anywhere 😷, so we’re working to help you succeed in the “new normal” 💪 Coming soon via our Namaqualand update!
  • Sail into 2020 with a few new goodies!
    As December rushes towards Christmas and New Year, we’ll be giving out a few goodies to enjoy with your eggnog 🙂 Say hello to our Whitsundays update!
  • Hit New Peaks With Our Drakensberg Update!
    Our September/October development cycle comprises a relatively small app release, along with ongoing web portal and platform improvements.
  • Dive Into Our Surin Beach Update!
    This cycle is focused on adding new Connectors and further enhancing our Tasking functionality. There’s also a stack of smaller improvements as well as our usual bug fixes and other maintenance items.
  • Revenge of the Tsitsi: Part 2
    In case you’re wondering, our first Tsitsikamma update didn’t play out as we hoped!
  • Tsitsikamma Part 1: Celebrating 2018
    We’re working hard to finish 2018 strong with new features, along with our last native app update for the year.