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The Barossa Update Is Live: Here’s What To Look Out For

The Barossa update, named after the scenic valley in Australia, is reaching its conclusion. The update’s already live on the Appenate app, and will be rolling out to branded apps over the coming weeks. 

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring these features and fixes to life. Below, we’ve compiled a list of what’s changed so you know what to look out for. 👀

The new Appenate App version numbers are as follows:

  • Windows: 5.779 (or higher)
  • Android & iOS: 4.99984 (or higher)

Let’s get stuck into what’s changed, what’s new and what’s been fixed.

Improvements & New Features

1. Add Option To Disable Predictive Text/Spell Check On Text Form Fields (coming soon)

By default, any text entered into Fields will run through the native device’s predictive text and spell checker to assist with correct input.
For cases where a code or other non-word-based text needs to be entered, turning off the predictive options will provide the user with a faster, less intrusive text entry experience.

2. Auto-Number Field – Added A Display Result To User Property

You can now choose whether or not to display this field’s result to the user.

3. Add Ability To Define A Stroke Outline For Watermarks On Images

When this option is enabled, a black stroke outline is applied to the watermark text. This can improve the readability of the watermark text on the captured image.

4. Add Signature Colour Option In Form Designer To Signature Fields

By default, a signature is captured in black. With this property, you can change the colour as desired.

5. New Filter Option On Form Connectors

If you have multiple Connectors, you can now filter them when you need to focus only on specific ones. This saves you from having to page back and forth when working on Connectors.

6. Brand Center: Included Support For IOS API Keys

As of February 2021, Apple started enforcing additional authentication for all users when signing in to App Store Connect by making two-factor authentication a requirement. This extra layer of security for your Apple ID helps ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account.

This means that for us to be able to publish apps to your Apple Developer Account on your behalf we can no longer use your username and password for your Apple Developer Account. Instead, we have to use the official App Store Connect API which does not have the same two-factor authentication requirements.

The App Store Connect API allows you to automate the tasks you perform on the Apple Developer website and in App Store Connect.

We have integrated with the API already, however, we require a few things from you to authorize us to communicate with the API on your behalf. Kindly follow the steps outlined in our new iOS API Key Setup article on the knowledgebase.

Other Small Improvements

  1. Implemented conditional styling functionality for app-only data sources
  2. Automatically download data sources referenced in DS formulae on all screen types
  3. Switch image Watermark Text property to use template text formulae
  4. Added the ability to launch into the latest published screens when using custom app links
  5. Display password policy validation errors when changing password within the app
  6. Migrated newly published apps and app updates over to using official Apple App Store Connect API
  7. Task Details: show more appropriate message when no users are available to reassign to 
  8. Improve NFC scanning on Android by intercepting all scans while the app is open and in the foreground

Bug fixes

  1. Retain iOS device status bar colour when Dark Mode is enabled
  2. When a GPS field dynamically gets a value from a Datasource as “0”, errors occur
  3. Android: loading & error dialogues sometimes overlap on the listing screen
  4. Fix field values clearing when returning back to a form that was initially launched with parameters
  5. Clear saved listing screen filters if they contain errors
  6. Android: Task Details screen not disabling activity checkbox when claim button shows
  7. Windows: fix issue where multiple organisations do not show in login screen dropdown list
  8. Fix first to claim tasks not getting marked as completed the first time
  9. iOS: Fix text colour not displaying correctly for horizontal read-only text fields
  10. iOS: Fix app crashing after printing a form entry
  11. Fix validation getting triggered on choice fields when filters run 
  12. iOS: Fix details screen left button size when using only the left icon
  13. Fix existing published screens not opening after removing a new version from test mode
  14. iOS: Strip OBJECT character from text input when using voice dictation

What’s Next?

With the current development cycle all but concluded, we find ourselves in a cool-down period. During this time, we’ll decide on the next update and announce it as soon as possible. 

Until then, enjoy the perks of the Barossa update and please get in touch with us if you have any questions.