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February 2021 Platform Update – Here’s What’s Happening

We’re optimistic that this year’s going to be a better one for all of us. So we’ve hit the ground running and have already shipped a number of small improvements. 

Below is a comprehensive list of these new features and bug fixes for you to scan through. Some are already live, others are close to launching – so keep an eye out for them. We’ve done our best to make them short, sweet and scannable – so if you have any questions feel free to contact customer success here.

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Improvements & Features:

1. Users Map showing location history of users.

Screen shot of the historical user map view

2. Hide Trash for Users under Admin level.
3. Allow grouped images from a Table or Repeatable Page to be updated from Edit Entry.
4. Support for Conditional Display rules on App type Data Sources.
5. Allow a custom colour to be set on a User to identify the user across the platform.

Screen shot of the user colour code changing feature

6. Add User Color Code to the User import and API.
7. Add min and max validation to the Max Image size box in the Form designer.
8. Enforce max folder assignment for when there are more folders than the system can handle.
9. Hide SSO Secrets.
10. Map Refresh to Maps in Resizable Containers.
11. Multi Delete Function on forms and screen organisers.

Screen shot of the multiple delete feature

12. Add RestrictToGroup column for Tasks Import.
13. Add Choices button colours to Theming.
14. Adding Reassign to Group in process step properties.

Screen shot of the "reassign group" feature

15. Addition of Task Name parameter for Task API Search requests.
16. Form Connectors: Run After Connector.

Screen shot of the run after connector feature

17. Use URL for media Fields option on SQL and Google BigQuery Connectors.

Screen shot of the feature

18. Addition of a WHERE clause on SQL Connectors.

Where screenshot

19. SQL Server connector to support referring to objects in non-default schema.

Schema screen shot

20. Add User Type column to Active Users DS.


Bug Fixes

1. Fix broken company image placement on icon board designer.
2. File Name parameter added to Excel Form Import template.
3. Fix platform date filter issues with regard to Today, LastMonth and ThisMonth.
4. Fix Label and Value bolding on Data Source Settings page.
5. Remove raw Html from the Trash warning message.
6. Fix FTP clone functionality.
7. Fixed finalising message on bulk export notifications.
8. Updated SSL Certificates for US, EU, AU nodes.
9. Auto numbers in Repeats using Process Steps dropping values fix.
10. Salesforce redirect URL not picking up correctly with WaaS clients.
11. Fix formatting of failed repository notification text.
12. XML issue with POST requests.
13. Salesforce Vendor authentication domain name bug fix.
14. Fix Sharepoint keywords on multiple media files.
15. Regex causes timeout on large PUT.

What To Expect In 2021

If you use our Windows App, the following bit of information is extremely important.

We’ll be releasing a Windows app update in a few months time that requires a newer version of Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Please follow this guide to ensure your device is ready!

Our CEO will be sending out an email soon on Appenate’s plans for 2021. Keep an eye out for that so you know what to expect from our side this year. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact customer success