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Powering into 2022 – Hornsdale Release

We’re closing out the year with new features and some high voltage infrastructure upgrades! ⚡

Update: Hornsdale is live now! Read on to see what to look out for.

Much like the Tesla “Big Battery” at the Hornsdale Power Reserve, we’ll be building for the future during this festive season.
While you may not see a ton of new functionality, under the hood our team will be making the platform faster and more reliable.

However, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a few stocking fillers at least. 🤶

Read on for a quick summary of what the next few months will bring.

[NEW] New App Engine Out For A Live Test

Appenate V6, our new app engine, is rolling out right now. During this time, if you experience any issues please don’t hesitate to log a support ticket right away.

V6 brings with it mostly ‘under the hood’ changes, so it might not be noticeable. That said, it should add more power to the Appenate platform than ever before. We’re excited about this one and keen to see it all in action in the real world.

New Consulting Partner Program

We’ve added new functionality that caters specifically for consultants that want to use their Appenate expertise to help their clients.

Consultants get a dedicated sandbox to learn, create and experiment with Appenate-based solutions. Once they’re ready to roll out to clients, a consultant can request access into a client’s Appenate account, or easily add the client as a new Appenate customer.

Our Repository area lets consultants deploy their solutions with one click, and our Context Switch functionality makes it easy to jump into client account to provide ongoing assistance.

From the Appenate side, we’ll handle all support and billing of your clients – plus we’ll pay you a commission for your support 😉

To join, you’ll need to complete a short assessment to establish your grasp of the Appenate platform. Assuming you’ve demonstrated the required level of skill, you’re in!

Program Benefits include:

  • 15% recurring commission for clients brought to Appenate.
  • Client billing & support is handled by us, minimizing consultant admin.
  • A certificate and badge for the consultant’s website or LinkedIn profile.
  • Free ongoing support via a dedicated account manager.

If you’re a consultant and would like to learn more, check out our Consulting Partner page.

New IP Whitelist Rules and Security Area

As part of our continued focus on providing a leading enterprise-grade platform, we’ve added the ability to define IP address restrictions across our web portal and API.

This should prove particularly useful to organizations that want to lock down access to key areas as much as possible. We’ve provided several options that let you target IP restrictions to specific ranges, functional areas and even down to specific Data Sources.

The Organization Setup page was also getting a little crowded, so we’ve broken several options out into a new Security page.

Expect to see more in this area in the coming months!

Minor Cosmetic Updates

You should see a bit of “nip and tuck” happening around the web portal over the next couple of months, as we upgrade frameworks and other bits. Some fields will get a little sleeker and buttons might be a little prettier… 🙂

For Web as a Service (WaaS) customers, there will be a few technical changes around moving from LESS to SASS styling components. Rest assured, we’ll manage any changes for you and we’ll definitely keep you in the loop as/when these upgrades get closer.

On the app side, there’ll also be a bit of freshening up around styling as part of our v6 app engine project.

These will show up first on Windows apps, with the same coming later to Android and iOS.

Other Small Improvements

  • Better support for “machine install” of Windows apps, mainly for enterprise environments and MDM scenarios
  • Improved user reminders when data still needs to upload from apps
  • Initial release of Screens API

Charging Up for a Big 2022!

Thanks for your support during another tumultuous year of pandemic – it’s been our privilege to have you all on board as customers!

Many of our team members will be taking a break over the Christmas period, so please note that support response times will be slower than normal from mid-December to early January. That said, a heap of work will be going on behind the scenes as our developers focus on making the platform’s foundations stronger than ever.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our team to yours and here’s to a prosperous and healthy year ahead!

As always, if you have any suggestions for future release cycles, feel free to get in touch and let us know.

Hornsdale Gives Way To Ushuaia

Firstly, the Hornsdale version numbers are as follows:

  • Android & iOS: 4.9999.27 (or higher)
  • Windows: 6.012 (or higher)

And that concludes Hornsdale. Our next release cycle announcement is imminent and is named after the Argentinian city of Ushuaia. Keep an eye out, the announcement email should hit your inbox soon!