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The El Chaltén Update Is Live – Amplify Your Apps

The El Chalten update is rolling out. 🥳

There are many new features and bug fixes – which are now live on the Appenate app. The release will roll out to Branded Apps next – as always, we cannot give an exact timeline, but we’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks.

We won’t go into too much detail in this post, but if you’d like a refresher of the topics below, check out the original release announcement.

App Features

Here’s a breakdown of our new features and improvements on the app side of things.

Bulk Scanning With External Barcode Scanners

The video says it all – your barcode scanning just got a serious speed boost. 

We’ve introduced support for external barcode scanners, which are far more efficient than the average mobile phone.  So if you need to scan barcodes at speed, this feature is for you.

Simply set the Barcode Field to “External Barcode Reader” in the side menu, and the rest is pretty much the same. You can link a Data Source containing barcodes and related information and use this to quick scan outgoing or incoming stock, parts, products, etc. 

We tested this on a 45,223-row database combined with a Choices Field and a simplified filter formula – and it worked seamlessly.

Single Glance Task Status Plus Search & Filter

Task status & search and filter options screenshot

When using the First-To-Claim feature, it was previously difficult to see which Tasks had already been assigned when using the app. You’d have to click through and check each Task – a time consuming and frustrating process. 

Now you can see Task status at a glance with the new display plus search and filter when looking for specific tasks. All so those in the field can get on with their day with minimal fuss.

Add Reasons For Reassigned Tasks

Without great communication, a reassigned Task can create confusion. During busy times, communication can be a challenge.

To ease this dilemma a little, we’ve added the ability to write a reason for the reassignment – so you don’t lose context even in hectic periods. 

There’s a new field on the reassign page on the app which your users can utilize. On the Web Portal, it’s found under the Assignment History in a new column. 

Web Features

Here’s the list of web features that have gone live with this release.

REST Connector For Data Sources

Rest Connector Image

The new REST Connector for Data Sources has been completed. 🥳

It’s similar to the existing Form REST Connector – except that it will ingest data rows instead, allowing you to connect to virtually any web service without having to get developers involved.

Multi-Language Support For Forms

Multi-language screenshot

You’ll soon find a new “toggle language” option in the Form Designer. With it, change the language and plugin your translations – and your users will see the language they’ve selected in the app. 

That way, you can smash the language barrier to using Appenate for all your employees – worldwide.

These translations will also be accessible via our Excel imports and new Screen API options. 

Add Multiple Preset Table Rows (Task Templates)

Table presets post image

You’ll soon be able to create Task Templates that enable you to pre-populate multiple rows in a Table.

This’ll help ease the burden on users of having to manually enter each line item on a Table – and ensure that the correct information is captured every time. 

This helps your employees – specifically field workers capturing vast amounts of data – to save way more time in their day-to-day activity. 

Shared Org Level List Of User Metadata

Shared org level list in Appenate

As mentioned in the original announcement, this new feature allows you to add custom metadata properties to a User Record. This helps you standardize the way users are created. 

New Built-In Functions Available for Website as a Service

We’ve added new built-in placeholders for injecting metadata about the current website user into Custom Scripts and the Side Menu. The following fields apply.

  • {{%USEREMAIL}}
  • {{%USERROLE}}
  • {{%ORGID}}
  • {{%ORGNAME}}

This enables you to personalize your branded website even more. An example would be to display the user’s name and organization when they log into the portal.

Web Portal Session Expiry Time

Session timeout field in Appenate

We’ve added a session expiry time in order to heighten the security of the platform. Using this feature, you can set the maximum amount of time (days or hours) that a user can stay logged in without any activity. 

Should a user reach the time specified, they’ll automatically be logged out.

Reminder About Dropbox & iOS

A few users have not yet updated their accounts according to the iOS and Dropbox changes, previously announced. 

If you haven’t yet, please action these steps to keep your Dropbox Connectors functional, and see this article on generating a token for the iOS two-factor authentication changes.

Bug fixes

The following fixes have been applied to the platform:

  • Fix JSONVAL formula to not modify certain character sequences inside JSON text  
  • Android – ‘Disable Predictive Spelling’ on Android breaks multi-line text Fields 
  • Fix decimal fractions not applied when Table populated from Data Source
  • Windows – improved FIPS compliance
  • iOS – inline barcode scan crash issues
  • Windows – fix Force Sync interaction not refreshing the screen
  • Windows – fix the app from crashing when loading History Entries linked to deleted Data Sources
  • Windows – fixed issue where signatures sometimes do not display when bound to a Data Source column 
  • iOS – Fix app crashing when printing form entries with images in the output
  • Fix Data Source populated tables not triggering dependant formulae when filters result in zero rows

That Concludes The El Chaltén Release

That’s it for this exciting release! The latest version numbers are…

  • Android & iOS: 4.9999.05 (or higher)
  • Windows: 5.79.0 (or higher)

We hope you’re as excited to see everything live as we are. 😁

You’ll receive an email once it’s available to the Appenate and Branded Apps, respectively.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with customer success.