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What’s Cooking Over June & July 2017

Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken time out from our roadmap projects to work on a number of small tweaks, fixes and improvements across the platform.  While this means that delivery of our next release cycle will lag accordingly, we’ve been able to clamp down on some nagging bugs and get onto important maintenance jobs.

As matters stand currently, we expect our next app and platform update to ship in mid/late July.
Below is a quick outline of what is currently planned for this release cycle.
Please note that items below are not available on grandfathered (legacy) plans unless indicated with an asterisk (*).


What to expect in our June/July release cycle

On-Device Printing Support
We’re working on brand new functionality that will allow app users to print completed Form entries directly from your Android, iOS and Windows devices.
The print output will be customisable via HTML templates that you define, using our standard templating syntax to generate dynamic outputs which can be sent to available connected printers.

GPS Capture Speed
We have traditionally focused on highest accuracy with location capture, including details like heading and altitude.  However acquiring all these extra details can cause the acquisition of location to be slower than users would like.  We’re working on new options that allow you to opt for pure latitude & longitude capture without extra geo details like heading to speed up GPS capture.

Data Source Map & Improved Filtering
As you know, our “Bind to Data Source” functionality allows you to create & update rows on Data Sources via Form entries.
This has in turn made the ability to filter, search and visualise Data Source rows more important for our backend web users.  To this end, we’ll be adding a map view page for Data Source rows, along with better filter and sort options to the Rows page.

Support for Multiple Connections of the Same Type
To date we have only supported one Connection for each available Connection type.  For most customers this is sufficient, however for enterprise cases the need to support more Connection endpoints becomes necessary.  We’re adding the ability to have multiple Connections as an additional feature of our Enterprise Toolkit add-on.

Various Other Improvements

  • Adding ability to turn off the Remember Answers option found on app settings via the backend App Setup page
  • Adding app store configuration page for customers with branded apps. This will allow white label app customers to self-manage most aspects of their listings in the various app stores (screenshots, logos, colour scheme etc).
  • Plus a bunch more little bits that we’re still deciding on 🙂

In other news…

Recurring Tasks are now available
We have finally been able to ship our Recurring Tasks functionality after needing to redesign some key aspects.
Go check it out and let us know what you think!

New “First Available” assignment option on Tasks
We have added the option to let the system randomly auto-assign Tasks to available users instead of requiring a specific person be assigned.  This should help with cases where a Task can be performed by any worker in the field, saving time spent looking through existing bookings to find an available worker.

PayPal is no longer supported for Billing
Our new credit card payment facility has been live for several weeks now and is working well.  As such, we’re dropping support for PayPal payments going forward, since our new facility is more convenient and integrated, plus it also incurs zero fees compared to the 3% handling fee for PayPal.


Its going to be a busy next few months – we hope you enjoy these new features and options as they come out!