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Tasking Upgrades Are Live

We’ve just released an upgrade to the Tasking area which greatly improves filtering and review of Tasks.
Now you can define custom statuses and update form entry answers as part of a Task review 🙂

New Task Template Options
Task templates are increasingly an important part of our system, since templates allow you to define common types of jobs and quickly dispatch jobs via the template wizard.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.31.23 pmIn this upgrade we’ve improved Task Templates with the ability to review Tasks after the job is completed in the field.
This is enabled through the new Reviewable option on Task Templates.

This should allow new uses of our Tasking area for business processes that require a post-completion review by other users, whether they be in the office or in the field.

You can also now define custom statuses on each Task Template, which lets you rename the existing system statuses as well as add your own post-completion statuses for your review process.

Plus you can assign colours to each status, with the colour being used to highlight the status in the Tasks listing page.

Once you’ve set a Task Template to be reviewable, you can specify which Form fields can be updated by a reviewer through the new Review page on the Template.

A Better Tasks Listing
Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.47.13 pm
As part of this upgrade, we’ve also improved the Tasks page to filter results by status and by the template from which they were created.
This allows a more natural way to view Tasks by type, while giving a better overall way to manage Tasks, complete with colour coding of custom statuses.

Review Tasks After Completion
With the new reviewable functionality enabled via Task templates, website users can now edit answers on the completed Form entry activities of a Task.
The platform provides simple update functionality for each reviewable field, so the answers and typos can be easily entered.
New custom statuses from the Task template allows website users to advance the Task through any number of post-completion stages, complete with a Status History to track the steps.

This update is another in our rolling schedule of Task upgrades, and there are more improvements in the pipeline.
We’d love to hear any feedback on this new functionality and we expect to evolve it further based on your input.