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Support single sign on turned off

We’ve been running a “single sign-on” approach on our support portal for a while now and have found that it’s proven more challenging than expected, particularly due to your ability to “log in as” other client accounts and users on our platform.

This has lead to a proliferation of support user accounts for the same people, which has meant you have a hard time tracking all your tickets, and on our support team side its been harder to ensure our responses go to the right email address.

As such, we have decided to discontinue the single sign-on for our support desk starting today.
Going forward you will need to create a support account separately to your platform login, but at least this way you can have a single support desk account 🙂
Most of you will already have an account – simply use the “forgot password” option on the support desk to reset your password as needed, use your primary platform email address for the reset email.

We apologise for any inconvenience with this, but going forward we believe this is the best course of action for keeping support matters well organised.