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Plumbing Overhaul for Connectors

We shipped a major upgrade to our Connector subsystem over the weekend that will provide major benefits going forward.

For starters, the logs of each connector action are now available for viewing against Form entries.
Simply click on the “logs” link that now shows as part of each form entry row on the Data page.
You’ll see a listing of each connector job that is either scheduled for execution or has already been run, along with the outcome of each action.

Similarly you can find the log for every Data Source connector on the Settings page of the given Data Source.

Additionally, users with Administrator level on each company account will now be notified when a Connector job fails.
This shows in the Notifications area and clicking the notification will take you to the exact entry that raised the failure.

Finally, you now have the power to reschedule any Connector action as you desire – this option is available from the Logs dialog window mentioned above.
This is particularly useful for cases where you have a Connector fail due to a faulty configuration.

A lot of the changes we’ve made to improve the performance and reliability of Connector jobs has taken place under the hood, but generally this upgrade will enable our platform to scale and execute in a cleaner and faster fashion.