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New REST Connector for Forms

We’ve released an upgrade to our existing HTTP POST connector that massively expands your options for integrating with external systems.

Previously you were restricted to POST actions and the form entry data was sent in our proprietary data structure.  Not anymore 🙂

Customise the Request Body
We’ve added the ability to customise the data body that is sent by the connector, which means you can now paste in your own custom JSON or XML data payloads and inject form answer values using our standard {{fieldname}} syntax.
You can even cater for repeating data in your body by using our {{!REPEATSTART}} {{!REPEATEND}} syntax normally reserved for data templates.
For example, you can add a JSON body like so:

Create a Dynamic Request URL
You can also inject answer values into the url that the request will be sent to.
So for example your target url could look like:{{myfield}}/contact?option={{myoption}}

Choose Your REST Verb
What’s more, you can now choose the REST verb to use in the connector action.  Choose from GET, POST, PUT and DELETE options.

All the above opens up the ability to plug into almost any external service that exposes a REST API.  
Simply read up on their API documentation about the required data structure and submission endpoints, then plug those into your REST connector.

We’re excited to see the ways this new capability is used in the future.

If you have any ideas for further improvement to this connector or any others, lets us know in our Ideas forum!