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New App Updates Released

We’ve just completed a full round of updates to all branded apps in Google Play and the Apple App Store.
This is an upgrade to the latest 4.28 version of the Appenate app runtime.

For Android, this release is a minor one given that the previous preview version was already published.
A few key issues were found with Android 6.0 devices in particular, and thus the decision was made to push a bug fix release to resolve these issues as a matter of urgency ahead of the next app preview cycle.

The IOS release is more substantial as this brings the most recent preview cycle release to all IOS customer apps, along with some key fixes for issues discovered with IOS 9.1, which has been available for just over a week.

Some cosmetic quick fixes have also been included, in particular the “Check for Updates” button has been renamed to “Force Sync”.
This renaming is due to Apple reviewers rejecting app versions because – according to Apple – the wording suggested that users could update their apps outside of the App Store, which violates App Store guidelines.
While their reasoning is ludicrous, past experience with Apple prompted us to rename the button rather than face more rejections due to Apple’s unpredictable reviewers.
As always, Apple’s manual review process means that app submissions will take anywhere between 3 and 7 days to be reviewed and released into the App Store.

Even as this app update rolls out, we’re working hard on the next round of app improvements.
We expect the next preview cycle to start in early December.