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Meet the App Catalog and New Start Page

For a number of months, we’ve been assembling example screens and apps that cover common scenarios in the mobile business apps space.
Today we have released a new area that enables easy access to the first round of 44 such example screens.

Say hello to the App Catalog page 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 10.12.26 am

Our aim in designing the App Catalog was to provide a place for users to quickly and easily find examples of apps they want to build.
The page will scale gracefully in size as we keep adding new examples and new categories.
Users can quickly install apps and can also search for desired terminology in tracking down the ideal example.

We have another round of examples that will be added to the Catalog in the coming weeks, and are planning to add further filtering and keyword based options in the future.
Additionally we plan to open this App Catalog up for you, our Appenate customers, to create your own Catalogs in the future, should you wish to provide your clients with a customised set of options.

Along with the new App Catalog, we have also revamped the default Start page to provide a simpler, more streamlined starting experience.
New users will now have a simple 1 – 2 – 3 set of options that will launch them into the App Catalog or into creating a Screen from scratch.
We hope this may assist with making the adoption of the platform a little easier.

We continue to invest into our platform with our development team constantly working on new features and functionality.
As always, its our pleasure to share the rewards of our labour with you our customers!