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Integration API Version 2 Is Here

We’re continuing our January mega-release cycle with today’s update – a new version of our integration API!
Today is just the start, we’ll be incrementally releasing API V2 over the coming months; adding brand new end-points and upgrading those already found in API version 1. 

So why are you doing this in the first place?
For starters, there have been a number of changes to our platform since we built version 1.
Additionally there are a number of bits in V1 that are a little clunky and could be improved.
And finally, as Appenate has continued to grow and evolve, several entities and concepts in our system have moved in different directions to what we expected.
This in turn needs to be reflected in the API, and it requires us to make breaking changes.

What about version 1?  Are you shutting it down?
Don’t worry, version 1 of our API is not going away anytime soon 😉

We will continue supporting version 1 of the API through to 1 March 2017.
So while you should definitely take a look at the new API, you have plenty of time to update your existing integrations.
Also note that all new development will be happening on V2 only, so if you want some of the new hotness we’re shipping, then you’ll want to get on over to version 2 sooner rather than later.

Did you say new hotness?
Yes sir!  As part of this first V2 release, we’ve added a new Company API.
The Company API is available to Appenate vendor customers, and lets you create, update and retrieve client accounts against your master vendor account.
A number of you have been asking for this for a while, mainly to plug into your signup, CRM and billing systems.
Well now you can 🙂

Check out all the juicy technical details at our new Integration API V2 documentation area.
And watch this space for more V2 releases coming soon.
Hint: New Form Entries and Form Design APIs are next!