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Iconic Update Rolling Out This Week

We’ve had a solid preview period and appreciate all your feedback and bug reports from trying out the new features and functionality.  Our team has been working hard to fix reported issues and we’ve also added a couple more minor improvements based on your feedback.

The Iconic Update has now been green-lit to roll out to all customer branded apps over the course of this week 🙂

In terms of the additional improvements which will be available as part of the rollout, these are as follows:

  1. Ability to turn off the Task Status on app start screens.
    This is available via the new “Hide Task Status” checkbox found on the App Setup page.
    We believe this is the missing piece of the puzzle in terms of having full control over your app startup screens, particularly if you are surfacing the Tasks list via a custom Listing screen built against the new App Tasks data source.
  2. Added 8 more annotation icon slots.
    This brings the list of available annotation icons to 20 for user to choose from when annotating images.
    For clients that have custom icon requirements, this should provide sufficient slots and flexibility to accommodate their needs.
  3. Added Company Name to Settings screen of app
    We’ve added this to make it completely clear what company an app user is logged in against.
    This is helpful for situations where a user belongs to multiple companies.


We look forward to getting the Iconic Update into your user’s hands 🙂