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We hear you! A quick update to Android date and time fields

Since updating our Android app to use newer themes and Google’s material design components, we’ve had a lot of feedback on the usability of the app’s date and time components.

We decided to go with analogue calendar and clock displays for the capture of dates and times respectively since this was Google’s Android default.
However, a lot of app users reported that the analogue components simply weren’t as easy or as fast to use in the field, particularly on phones.

We heard this feedback from you consistently and broadly, so our developers got to work exploring other options for date & time fields.
The good news is that we found a way to implement the popular “spinner” style for date and time capture on Android:

It took more work and testing than we expected to get this new style working, particularly across the many versions of Android we support.  Our team powered through, and we’re happy to announce that a new Android app release is now rolling out with these improved components.

Keep an eye on the Google Play store for updates to your app, and we hope all Android users enjoy the new, improved date and time capture experience.  Your feedback really matters!