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GeoOp Upgrade – User Sync Is Live

A common requirement for those using our GeoOp connector has been the need to understand which person matched a GeoOp user’s identifier.

This is particularly useful for knowing who was assigned to a GeoOp Job via the Last Visit User Id column.

While you could previously use the External Id on your Appenate users to store their matching GeoOp ID, we’ve now made things a lot easier by adding support for GeoOp users as a syncing data source.
Simply head over to the Connections page, and you’ll see a new “Users” checkbox available on your existing GeoOp connections.

Once you’ve turned on the User syncing, you can simply lookup GeoOp User Ids against the Users data source – maybe use a cascading choices field in your forms to do this automatically once a Job is selected.

This improvement should reduce errors and make for smoother sailing when setting up the GeoOp form connector too.

One more thing – we’ve also made the Refresh Frequency on your GeoOp Data Source connectors editable.
Whereas you were previously locked into a 1 hour refresh interval, now you can choose from our existing set of interval options for the one that suits your scenario.

Enjoy 🙂