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Enterprise Toolkit & New Billing Area Released

We’re excited to release our new Enterprise Toolkit add-on along with an improved Billing page that makes trials and purchasing easier.
Enterprise and Vendor customers will notice that the right hand Menu has changed a little – there’s now a Billing option, and the order of a few menu items has changed.

Enterprise Toolkit

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 2.24.10 pm

The Enterprise Toolkit enables clients to set up multiple “environments” under their master company account. This allows you to create separate child accounts for Test and Production use, or to provide complete separation between various departments.​​
All billing is consolidated against the master company, and users that exist in the master​ are not double-billed if also registered in a child environment.

A new user level has also been added – namely Enterprise Admin – which allows users of this level to switch their website login context between environments without needing to manage separate user accounts.

Also included is our Repository functionality which allows customers to copy and synchronise Screens, Docs and other content between environments.  This enables a more controlled development and publishing flow for customers that want to run separated “Test” and “Production” accounts.

More features are planned for later in the year to further enhance the Toolkit, particularly along the lines of enterprise identity and single sign on authentication options.

To activate the Enterprise Toolkit, head over to the new Billing page from the right hand menu.
You’ll see the Toolkit listed under the Enterprise Add-Ons area, with options to try free or buy immediately.
If you’re a Vendor, make sure that you first switch the “Show Billing For” drop down to your target client before hitting the Try/Buy buttons.

Once activated, you’ll see new “Environments” and “Repository” options added to the right hand menu – you’re good to go!

New Billing Area

New Billing

After far too long, we’ve finally added a self-service Billing area to the platform!
The new Billing page serves as the new control centre for all your prepaid Appenate users and services.

From here, you can review, purchase and adjust your user licenses and service subscriptions.
You can also instantly activate free trials of our various optional add-ons on your accounts.

The final piece of the puzzle is credit card based billing, which we’re working hard to get finished.
With luck, credit card processing will be ready within the next fortnight.

Once our credit card facility is available, we will require all customers to move to this payment method.
Our existing invoice-based payment method will remain an option, but only for exceptional cases where customers provide us with good reasons for not being able to pay by card.

Bootstrap Beta coming next week

After months of work, we’ll be launching a beta version of our new Bootstrap based website early next week 🙂
As teased previously, this is a major refresh of the entire look and feel of the web backend which we hope you’ll love.

The Beta period will last roughly 2 weeks, during which time we encourage you to use it and break it!
For our Website as a Service customers in particular, the Beta will be an important time for you to configure the new styling and colour schemes to best match your branding.

As always, please keep sending us feedback on these new features and let us know what you’d like to see next.
We’re in full flight on our planned roadmap, so there’s plenty more to come!