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Enhanced Placeholder Functionality in Connectors

An awesome feature of our platform is what we call placeholders – specifically the ability to generate dynamic text using form entry answers, formula calculations and built-in form entry metadata.

This functionality is most heavily used when creating Data Templates for PDF, Word and Excel output of your form entry data.

However placeholders have also made their way into other aspects of the platform, including Connector configurations such as file names, email subjects and bodies, run conditions and more.

Previously, Connector fields only supported the use of form entry answer values via our standard {{field_name}} syntax.
Today we’ve released an enhancement to this Connector functionality to support the full range of placeholder syntax directly in Connector configuration fields 🙂

Now you can also use the full spectrum of placeholder functionality:

  • Formula evaluation syntax – e.g. {{( FUNCTION() )}}
  • REPEAT syntax – e.g. {{!REPEATSTART}} something to repeat here {{!REPEATEND}}
  • Built-in metadata options – e.g. {{!USERFIRSTNAME}}

For Connector options such as custom Body fields on Email and REST connectors, you have far more flexibility and options to generate the perfect dynamic output.

We’ve also updated our Formula Builder (launched by the little hammer icon seen next to each dynamic Connector field) to include these new options.

Our dynamic formula and placeholder engine will continue to be added to more parts of the platform as we move forward.
With today’s update, this functionality is more powerful than ever!