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Data Feed and Connector Improvements Now Live!

Meet your new Data Feed

The Data Feed provides a rolling timeline of entries captured across Forms, versions and people.
It’s something we’ve wanted to add for a long time, and we’re excited to get this first iteration of the concept in front of you!

Over time, we plan to incorporate other activities into the timeline, including Tasks and other user activities.  There will likely also be some export options added in the future, and we may increase/tweak the information displayed as we hear your thoughts.

For now, it’s a great way to get a quick overview of your team’s activity, plus the Feed allows you to filter by date, person and Form to get both a broad and targeted view of your business processes as they happen.  We hope you like this new addition and would love to hear your “feed”-back on it too 🙂

Form Connector Improvements

We’ve also released some improvements to Form Connectors, which address some common feedback and pain points mentioned by customers over the past months.

  • Send Media Files Separately
    This new option is available on our file-based Form Connectors (mainly Email and cloud storage targets like Dropbox).  When this option is enabled, the connector will send/attach all media captured in the Form entry (photos, videos etc.) as separate files.  This is in addition to any generated answer/template output of the connector.
  • Editable Connector Titles
    For those of you that have a number of Connectors on a Form, this is going to be super helpful!  When you expand a Connector, you will notice that the title becomes editable.  A popular request from many customers, we’re glad to ship this and look forward to you all getting a little extra value from this.

Single Sign-On for our Support Site

For a number of years now, you have had to maintain a separate login for our knowledge base and ticket hub.  We’re excited to say that this is no longer the case 🙂

This week, we turned on a new single sign-on integration with Freshdesk (our support site provider) which means that you simply need to sign into your Appenate platform account, and thereafter you’ll be allowed into our support site.
We have no doubt that this will be much easier for new customers, and hopefully will reduce password clutter for existing customers just a little.  If you have an existing account on our support site, this should be matched up by our integration via your Appenate user email address.  Should you need us to merge any existing support site accounts with your single sign-on account, just email our support team!

Coming Very Soon: Custom Side Menus

We mentioned this in our March update, but this is now very close to going live.
If you are a Website as a Service customer, keep an eye on the “Customise Site” area of the Branding Center for new options appearing there within the next week.

We’re excited to ship these new features and we’re already working on a bunch more – enjoy and watch this space!