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BIG Update Previewing This Week

We have a BIG app and web platform update coming out over the next few weeks, with Android first up and IOS to follow shortly after.

Due to the scale of the changes, we’ve decided to split the Android update into two sequential app releases, which will roll out one after the other, with roughly a week between the two releases.
As always, the releases will hit the Appenate Mobile Client (AMC) app first for a week-long preview, with branded apps being updated around a week later assuming no major issues are reported with the AMC app.

Once Android is fully shipped, we’ll be putting out an IOS update to bring both mobile app platforms up to full feature parity.

So what is included in this update?  
We’ll provide full details in blog posts as soon as we ship the preview Android build later this week, but below is a bullet list of the key new features and changes:

  • Push Notifications
    Yes, they’re finally here 🙂  In this initial release, we’re only providing push notification support for Tasks – when a Task is sent to a user, the platform will automatically push a “New Task” notification to all their devices.  Once this initial support is bedded down, we will be opening up an API for general push notifications, as well as embedding notification support into other pertinent areas of the system.
  • All New Table Field in Forms
    We’ve added a new Form field type called “Table” which allows tabular display of rows, along with ability to add & edit rows via dedicated Form page.  Essentially we’re leveraging our repeating Page functionality to provide a whole new spin on repetitive row capture.
    This release will be fairly simple to start, but we have lots planned for Table fields, including Data Source linkages etc.
  • Once-off App Sign-in
    Currently app users are required to enter their password into the app every time they start up the app after their first time login.
    We’ve added a new option in the Organisation Setup which lets you disable this sign-in requirement at a per company account level.
    This will allow the app to log in automatically as the last signed in user without the need for password entry each time.
  • Task Attachments
    As part of our ongoing Tasking upgrades, you will be able to attach files directly to individual Tasks for the app user to access.
    Files can be auto-downloaded to the device for offline access, or marked as “download on demand” to save bandwidth.
    Attachments show as a list in a new screen found off the Task Details app screen.
  • Pages Tab
    In Form screens, we’ve added a new option that lets you display a tab at the top of the Form which shows the available Pages.
    The user can tap on these to jump directly to the given Page, providing a new navigation dynamic for you to use as desired.
  • New “IN” Data Source Filter option on Choices fields
    A popular request has been the ability to filter Choices field rows based on a column being within a list of options.
    This has been implemented and works great 🙂
  • Mapping Screen on Android
    This will come out in our second release in a couple of weeks, but the Mapping screen support will mean the Mapping screen will exit Beta status as a full fledged feature.
  • Listing Screen Upgrades on Android
    Similarly, all the Listing Screen upgrades available on IOS will become available on Android in our second release.
  • Other smaller changes and fixes
    We’ve been hard at work killing bugs and improving app stability.
    Thanks for all your help in reporting issues and bearing with us as we’ve investigated and resolved problems.

Its been a while longer than we planned in getting this release together, and a lot of that is because we’ve tried to take the opportunity to implement changes that have been in demand while we’re “in the area” of the above functions.

We’re hoping that this update will be one of our best yet and we’re excited to hear your feedback once the build is released.

Watch this space for official preview release confirmations in the coming days!